Tuesday, 2 July 2013

the King of Vinegar/attractive women from the future are sitting on my face and or knee / Clive cooks eggs/onward Christian sorcerers /death to all corvines, I reckon / /Count Orlock on the death line again /my dad claims to be a descendant of one of the four horsemen of the pseudo apocalypse..how can I tell him he is deluded? / two teenagers holding hands on the moon / I fixed my son-in-law his lunch and then went out and bought ten dozen baby turtles/gentleman’s relics/ the day the earth jumped around/naked French men in duffel coats (well they ain’t naked then, are they..in a Scouse accent) / olid boyfriend / Jello Biafra was a god to me (my sister is over 6 foot tall and she’s only 3 years old) /karate is not my passion, it is my livelihood / mares and foals are getting in my hairstyle/ modern hairstyles of people who used to live on the moon/I am currently surrounded by men who have toes where their fingers should be /I live in a world which was created by some bloke with a massive headache / update 19888 – I just discovered a little owl wrapped in a sportsman’s towel / geese in the gymnasium /hobo erotic / I live under a bridge with a wife I once killed/my wife’s drummer/ my feet are tall / I placed a little sugar on the gentleman’s upper lip / adventure 02 – cyst list (abridged version)..Skipper the Bastard, Sgt. Honey Flower and Captain Crooked / daggers out..now/violent re-birth /Sunday on the moon, dressed as a cowboy with a toothpick betwixt my teeth / hand-drawn hangover / I woke up to find myself surrounded by circus children / leather-clad android/my dead girlfriend has octopus ink (which is poisonous) all over her feet /a taste for pussy / Emma Goldstone and the fluttering eyelashes of yore// I walked down the wrong street in the right town/my name is Margaret and I’m a chunky little bitch / this morning my penis smelt delightful..not no more/scarred cardigan /cowboy sent me a bunch of flowers / cowboy sitting in his seat/ I wish my girl was from California/..after David (…) / another modern head ache / I slotted your file into the Hate Archive/ I spent most of Christmas Day archiving my notes what I wrote with my good hand/yesterday was such a splendiferous day, because I was never required to use my AK / 47 dreamy teens/one more piece of toast then I’m f’ing gone / Chinese blisters / the lost creamy vibes (by Maurice Hipplewhack) / short stout teapot ladies in blonde wigs (dancing at discos) / why do you insist on telling girls your deepest secrets? / minger at the window / gobs of fun/this is organ F (later on we will be shown organ J) / boys with no string beans / beaming corpse/ recalling the day when I was tossed off by June Whitfield in the back of a Vauxhall Astra / I made a little fence with my best friend’s bones / ironing the giant’s trouser son a Tuesday morning / doctor’s horse / spent time with the Mulberry Unit / standing on street corners reciting poetry which was left behind by the bull-runner / today I feel like slipping off into an apple orchard for a while/immolation blues / my fingers are frozen together tonight/gays in to space / the thin lien between love and blood-lust / birth of a minger / inspect my head, Professor Grit / childish dross (Chinese dross?) / Japanese moustaches are really a lot thinner than Western ones / I put my fingers in a piece of moon pie / I still feel sexy when having my photograph taken by ageing men / should we eat the salad now, captor?/standing around in my best cardigan/fad badger /boiler room babies / the day I left my mother standing on top of a dog /stuck in a land full of dogs/ sexing up the blind / sexing up the alphabet (pre-MDA years) / 05. blown away by Destiny’s Child 07. pre Midas years / I like to be surrounded by pyknic men / fascist little children roaming the earth /,menacing reality / the day Herzog ate up my leftover food without my permission/ I roamed thee earth , accompanied by a man with a splendid set of moustaches/Caribbean spasm / dogs eat your young / diseased Midas/Roam urgency / people whop are too short on earth / I love the slags/ Release number x - Jandek Sutton Bridge Monday / yes, that was for the fat children of the moon / I live with some Slits/ I would like to meet a tall dark blind man /the history of buckets/ a throughally modern fracas / policemen on the edge . / I walk right up to blind people and slag them off / Batman is kinky/ pig man and me / desperate slag/ the last days of Peaceful Joe/‘ I ain’t got time to explain why I love you’ / Crippled Finger July 1999 release schedule – ‘peace in the war zone’ by Big William Dixon and the inbred Rockets.. ‘Little I and Big U’ by Peachy Stevens and the Ham-Fisted Gentry’ and last but not least ‘Kill Me A Lover’ by Shaking Billy Fumes and the Wet Nurses’ / shopping mole / weird little fingers painted pink/the first time ever I sucked your lips / running through an abandoned graveyard cross shopping moll/liquid furniture/ the day everything went well for heroin addict/spoon feeding humanoids on a lonely f’ing planet / I dream of sleeping with my tonsils intact/treat me like a wizard / the storiated ramblings of my old nan/butchered for nothing / Microromance in the graveyard/ truck driver showed me his collection of antique steering wheels / Billy Sunday hates the tight-fisted teens / happening in my arsehole / liquid tits / overweight girls in cowboy hats and tracksuits /‘Livin’ Next the Airport’ is my 67th favourite song by ‘Airport Baby’ / gorillas hanging around Luton airport / the devil’s biscuit / juiced by devils / empty-headed butcher/disco skeleton / clowns on other planets/Norse hangover/ forgotten pockets of liquid joy / closet yank / yanked off in the closet/Michael Fried states that it clearly was a duck, despite not actually looking like a duck / the carefree grabbing tubular hands/the Glory Days of Piggott and Spencer (TINAAF) / sniffing Tiffany’s ruck-sack /my slimy summer (my slimy supper) / dry cake load of futurists / the musings of a gifted loser/ rambling around the abandoned bus shelter/bitches mainly to the left of me / grounded in a history of shit and piss/one day, when out shopping for potatoes, I met the lead singer of ‘Big Bang 2000’ / purple-faced rock star / the spectrum cure / his shining silver eyeballs fell to the ground and were pecked at by hundreds of magpies / beady eyed gentlemen turn me on / cave of culture / coconut nose job / my fashionable hands /homosexual sock project / homosexual sock puppet / chunks of sweet loaf were falling from his mouth / I wrote the words ‘too much fun’ on the back of your lilly-white head/the Disney Child Flower. Electric Pussy/frogs on the armchair / two girls drumming (up support for their feminist movement) / ticklish lizard / Tony Gale lives with my sister’s mum / misogynistic movements / dalliances with a devil from Perth / dalliances in circa 1988 with Lord Brown Sugar / sugar peculiar/tube fairy / my feet smell of wood chips/I hope my baby grows up to look like Thelonius Monk / Thelonius Monkey/spaceman’s breath / lack of pussy blues/Tandori pox / the day they stopped nodding their heads on the back row / adolescent picnic / shoulder on fire/what to do with Wolf Boy? / industrial –sized pussy / Team Cobra / my new baby sitter strongly resembles Gnarls Barkley / Barclays Man at Harvest Festival / Master’s cat (masturbator’s cat) / Argentinean ‘things’ / new idea no. 1 – Barbie Troll / kipper in the motorway / problem with Wolf Boy / the goat column / return of Duriti /poor man’s funeral / do you remember where you left my Durriti Column cassettes, dad?/ just the right amount of physical torture / appealing to the single mass/beautiful junky / future of tits/dipped in shit / castles made of rice / Pan Am Blues/ slit the throat of El Diablo/clockwork tonsils / stinking dogs from heaven / we shoved a good deal of minced pork into the dying pigs mouth / aboriginal implants/the 27 year old began to lactate. I handed her my mother’s half-finished curtain to wipe off some of the excess milk / Clockwork Rocky / Mr T Vinegar Shape/ Bobo’s belongings (animal oo) / locked up with Casper and Bad Gut / childish sponge / de profundis jazz collective / sugar-fired tall people/fat people in leathers/ leather sandwich/grappling with the dandy / the day I grew flowers between my toes/Grand Poppa was upset to find a cardboard robot sitting in his favourite easy chair / easily-applied fake make-up/cup cake eyes (Christine taught me how to shave) / ladies in the supper queue/circus wretch / the woman I met on the street corner who blew up balloons with her vagina/Tofu Toe Food / low dogs / the ay I spent munching on bacteria-ridden dried meat products / postcards from the fridge.. not on the fridge /my uncle James is not of this (or any other) world / I stubbed my cigarette out on the beauty queen’s satanic glove /I took down the posters depicting men dressed as sheep (as they were scaring the school boys)/John put his bike in the bath tub (owls know who they are) / surrendering to Father Christmas and the Motley Boyz / my dad’s new girlfriend is so chung / doctor’s trophies (bag of pigs) / this wine is shite..can I have more? / the day they bled from their nostrils (whilst writing for the sandman to arrive) / return of the Tofu Dog / I stuck my toes into the slime pit and began reciting the poetry of Cane o’ Brady to passing German NASA tourists) / my father was an member of the Forgotten Cowboy Orchestra / forgotten cowboy number 1- that one with big furry sideburns and a snub nose/grinning at passing motorists with flowers betwixt their teeth ./ return of the Bubblegum Priest/ fish floating through the sky/my artists boyfriend only paints pictures of crashed spaceships these days/ suffering with a head cold on Xmas day/China man's day-off was spent sorting out his New Romantic cassette collection / Tom Mills The Laughing Gob - Tom is so so dumb!! / chinese play-dough / told off by the nearby Momus / she has British racing car green eyes and Jamaican fruit truck red lips /

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