Wednesday, 17 July 2013

the human itch/ NASA technology left abandoned in my father-in-law’s spare bedroom / too high to die (why are you French?) /I illicitly recorded my boyfriend discussing the future of man with his estranged father-in-law/ eggplants made the zombies feel happy (for some reason) / spat on the bones of my girlfriend’s killer/curly teeth of underground city dwellers /underground teeth / Spartan smacks./pour more sugar on the pansies’ supper / lifeless ghost/I hid my photos of the beautiful fascist underneath the bedroom wardrobe / girls in wardrobes (where I like ‘em to be) / underground panties/ wore my sexiest panties to my uncle’s funeral / life of a perfectly normal person / death of Ray / negative Pegasus / humming for my supper / hellish glory hole / pancake at the bottom of the garden/Rick Wakeman refused to lend me even his cheapest synthesiser ..and I will always despise him for that / bunged up corpses / my dad’s new girlfriend looks identical to Rick Wakeman (she even has the pointy wizard’s hat) / can’t get enough of my new girlfriend’s freckled tits / see-thru kippers / shit box blues / tight-fisted skin / I shed some skin this morning, mamma (are you proud of me?) / she accidentally typed ‘sexist’ instead of ‘sexiest’ / she gave me a small bag of insect teeth as a gift and I was rather ungrateful (it has to be said, it does) / bags of future /standing by the side of the road waiting for deers to get run over/ let’s get modern / Elizabeth’s whiskers

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