Saturday, 29 March 2014

Cameron Diaz Smoking Fags and Dreaming of The New Century

'LD 9AM'

'My New Life'

'Cameron Diaz Smoking Fags and Dreaming of the New Century'

'Meeting People in the Supermarket'

'French Onions (Dusseldorf)'

'Fish Life 2 (Nick Cave 1)'

I exposed my freshly shaved twat. I will let u take a snap of it with your mobile camera (for a dollar)/ the spastic within you / boiled war - flavoured 'the wire' 199

Evil + Etc.

'Evil + Etc.'

Homeless Ironman / Vladimir Putin sits in his office dreaming of clean shaven twat and Yank fast food

Friday, 28 March 2014

Whatever Happened to Your Rdream?

'Whatever Happened to Your Rdream?'

'Silence and You'

'Post-Vietnam Man (T4 - Tom the Butcher's Son)'

Human ruins / what happened to all the pussy you proMised us? / type written suicide or love note

The Big Spit (Straw Top)

'The Big Spit (Straw Top)'

'The Big Promise'

Kitten gristle / poc marked super star / pictures of my son left out in the acid rain / who is Karen Podcast? / walrus on my lap /

Sick Duck

'Sick Duck'

'Zippy Ain't a Cunt'

Chatted up by a cowboy/ reformed anti war blues/ the Cuthbert Your philosophy:  / mesmerising headache

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

My New World

'Your First Day'

'My New World'

'Woke Up Before'

'Neptune's Sort of Revenge'

'Mark and CBoy'

'Hot Peppers (F W Bred)'

'Happiness In Things You Do Not Understand'

'Infamous for a Minute'

'Caged at Market (Bo)'

The Midwife Toad / I took out your brain and replaced it with a boiled sock / I love you like I love my favourite socks / porcine best girlfriend

Pleasure Dome 2014

'Mee 887'

'Yeah Big Bird'

'Pleasure Dome 2014'

'B Lee and Friends (Galleries in Government Spaces!)'

'John Domination'


'New Ssex'

'Missing Kings'

'Some Geeks (Geaks) are Happy'

'I Live on Bread and Jam'

'Smashing Apples'

'Turner's Cabinet'

'The Apple Jesus'

'Magaluf Lord of the Rings Twin Towers'

Juno Bile / Pink Reunion / bent summer / shiny like the sun / poisoned by logic

Monday, 24 March 2014

B Man Movie

'B Man Movie'

'Your Small Sister'

'This Way In In'

'Big Breakfast'

'Turtle Shell Homecoming (on paper)'

Katrina removes her sweaty hand from my penis and waves at the passing gypsy caravan / holy fright wig - suburban Batman / gorilla in the foreground

Saturday Night - Stinkworm European


'Happy Valentine Day'

'Saturday Night - Stinkworm European'

'Zero Tom (Queer Hero)'

'Brit Itch'

Lilly (39) spent more time masturbating and less time looking after her vibrating brother (case 2- the curiously vibrating boys of West Derby Merseyside)/ pregnant man being taught to wipe arses by father  of ten Mike Diamond

We Say Yeah

'We Say Yeah'

Mike Diamond asks 'I know I'm high on acid but.. I'm sure Vladimir Putin just served me my morning roll 'n' barley juice / counting the cost of hiring Russia's most expensive clown

It's Summer

'Tomorrow's Fish'

'It's Summer'

'Teddy Lucifer'

'What Happened to 'Simple Cat''

'Son of Temperance 1'

Nigel Havers is too posh to be a brickie / Nigel Havers sits on London Underground train trying to look like a brick layer