Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Pork 'n' Chicken

'Fuzzy Cracker'

'Ossified Best Friend 1'

'Pork 'n' Chicken'

'Ann Acid'

'What is Happening?

'N O ZX'

3 Louis Armstrong was like a father to me and I loved him more than my typewriter can say. Just seeing that large toothpaste smile made me praise God for gifting us such a beautiful figure of a man 4 pancakes are for kids: bring me

Friday, 11 July 2014

Sleep Deprivation

'Sleep Deprivation'

'Day 3 (This is)'

'Brain Leak'

'Tea Time'

'Butler La La'

'Ha Ha Pre-War'


'F Cycle Head'

A distinct lack of teeth (who hid my teeth£/ what are 'Fucking Teeth'/ pound note scuttling home for veggie repast/

Bearded Sperm

'Proboscis Tom'

'The Offering 1'

'Bearded Sperm'

'Bleak Wednesday'


'Westworld 2 (Unknown Immortal Mind)'


The ecstasy of sleep deprivation (in two parts)/ he says 'I am named Varnum

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Atheists Cook the Best Vegan Food

'You're So Tiny'

'Maiden Boyhood'

'B Movie Youth'

'Atheists Cook the Best Vegan Food'

'Fred Flintstone + Dino Bravo'

'Quentin Tarantino Don't Got No Cheese (Today)'

'The Basic World'

'Lick Meat!'

'Meet People in Supermarket (leading to eventual happiness and contentment)'

Tripping Gypsy /093-the Sky Flowers/ hidden mascara / riding The Tube wearing my sister's Cardigan /scalped North Korean warlord/Chinese