Friday, 15 August 2014

Myo Pics

'Myo Pic 1 - The Paranoid Man'

'Myopic 3 - I Didn't Cheat'

'Myopic 4 - 2-Eyed Man'

'Myopic 2 - Don't Get Disheartened'

French posterior/ merry Xmas to all Chinese terrorists/ Bobby Gillespie taught me how to comb my hair like an Egyptian prince / Flemish tooth ache/ I kissed my finger tips and tore out page 338 from the novel I hoped to never finish writing/ ten questions I need to ask Queen of the Universe David 'jazz cowgirl' Jones - Bowie.. 1 can I borrow your hand gun? 2 would you let me abuse you if I promised to introduce you to Andy Warhol's clandestine son? 3 do you think Scientology is dangerous, creepy, manipulative, weird, perverse and or a huge bowl of rancid butter milk? 4 who stole the jewel crown given to you by Colourful Peter (of Soho, Londo ) 5 is it true or false that you were born in Lincolnshire? 6 how much would you charge black kids to watch you shower naked? / who thought Tony the Greek was heterosexual? This blog is currently being edited by Bleeding Tom Mills of Poppy Fields Estate West Kings Lynn /1: French Terrorist

girl's teeth

Friday, 1 August 2014

Beatrice Dalle

'Beatrice Dalle 1'

'I Heard You Like Men (Beatrice Dalle 2)'

BIBLICAL MEAT'S FACTS OF THE DAY (wendesday).. 90 per cent of clairvoyants are probably talking nonsense... Some vegetarians secretly think animals are stupid / misinformed chimp / who is who is Todd Edmunds?