Friday, 15 August 2014

Myo Pics

'Myo Pic 1 - The Paranoid Man'

'Myopic 3 - I Didn't Cheat'

'Myopic 4 - 2-Eyed Man'

'Myopic 2 - Don't Get Disheartened'

French posterior/ merry Xmas to all Chinese terrorists/ Bobby Gillespie taught me how to comb my hair like an Egyptian prince / Flemish tooth ache/ I kissed my finger tips and tore out page 338 from the novel I hoped to never finish writing/ ten questions I need to ask Queen of the Universe David 'jazz cowgirl' Jones - Bowie.. 1 can I borrow your hand gun? 2 would you let me abuse you if I promised to introduce you to Andy Warhol's clandestine son? 3 do you think Scientology is dangerous, creepy, manipulative, weird, perverse and or a huge bowl of rancid butter milk? 4 who stole the jewel crown given to you by Colourful Peter (of Soho, Londo ) 5 is it true or false that you were born in Lincolnshire? 6 how much would you charge black kids to watch you shower naked? / who thought Tony the Greek was heterosexual? This blog is currently being edited by Bleeding Tom Mills of Poppy Fields Estate West Kings Lynn /1: French Terrorist

girl's teeth

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