Monday, 27 January 2014

The Resurrection of John Paul

'The Decline of John Paul Baker'

'The Resurrection of John Paul Baker'

'Showered in Ego (Solipsistic in Big Smoke)'

'Stop-Gap Snake'

'Re-Birth of John Paul Baker'

'I am Your Soul'

'The Relaxation of John Paul Baker'

'Dirty JP'

'Trophy on the Radio'


'John Paul Baker on da beach (waving at an over-dressed old man)'

Jess eats the vegan food, Andy eats the human flesh/ the bloody adventures of Sanguine Erik / my purple finger/ long drawn out circus

Saturday, 25 January 2014


In our post-apocalyptic world, coconuts will be used as trophies in sporting contests/ ten tall women who made welly boots sexy/ mum, my moustache has fallen off/ pretty Martian.. Too pretty to be an astronaut

Japanese Adult Male (B)

'Kish Kish'

'Dream (B) Post Dot Dot 1'

'Japanese Adult Male (B)'

'T1 - The Voyeur'

'Elvis Lives'

'Norfolk Male'

'Arab in England'

'Poor House Rules'

'Delia's Attic'

Jimmy taught me not to stare too intently at big mens' crocodile boots / I shaved off my girlfriend's pubic mound

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Digital Fist

'Gods of the Underground'

'Eat Fruit..'

'Digital Fist'

'Digital Fist 2'

Reformed teeth./ wash your hands before touching my feet.. They're new!!/ lesbian with a sleepy eye/ a snake stuffed with leftover picnic vittles/ I wept upon hearing news of the death of that geezer from Treasure Island

Saturday Lover (Feat. John Paul Baker of Cambs)

'The Relaxation of John Paul Baker'

'My Rebirth'

'No Shoes Allowed'

'The Saturday Lover'

'Meaty Mates'

I detected a slight hint of menace in the abbatoir canteen / we reacted to the news that Vladimir Putin once had a charity boxing match with TV host Michael Barrymore with shock and disbelief / tales from beyond the freshly-dug grave/ ambulating around cold storage facilities with my sexy new German girlfriend

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Micheal Jackson Ain't Dead (North)

'Micheal Jackson Ain't Dead (North)'

'Girls are better than boys'

'Unusual Husband' 

'Russia Dust (Walking Backwards on Hallowed Soil)'

'Osbourne's Muffin'


'We Eat Fruit'

'Q Position?'

You will recognise me from the milk tooth I wear around my neck. / she offered me a Tina Baguette.. Yes, Tina/ Jandek Southern Relief:-me in Dog mask /me Dog Mask Face:- Chinese milk

Monday, 20 January 2014

Stop Yer Crying

'K the S(etc.)'

'Go Bapa! 3 (Down IQ)'

'Stop Yer Crying'

'We Arrived in 2007 With a Set of Illustrated Bibles'

'IM Snoopy'

Reinvent yourself as the Good Southern Angel /infant cringe. Things we found inside the biggest egg of all time/ if time doesn't exist how do I know I'm 43 years of age ('cos your foster mom wrote it in chalk on your dungeon wall.. The deuce I hate teenagers)/fake Elton John Music / fake Elton John music/ 64 year old man wearing trainers and someone else's 'I love Pakistan' t shirt (he has never even been to Pakistan?

New Midlands Chelsea Dream

'New Midlands Chelsea Dream/'

My dad's proudest moment was being declared 'Mister Asia 1988'/ bottom ten babies/ my dad is dating that slag off the TV

James Joyce - Dubliners

'James Joyce - Dubliners'

'Scarfo - British Rock 995'

'I Heart Bingo (The Pessimist's Unavoidable Feeling That Something Good Might Happen)'



'Constable Study 1'

'Constable Study 2'

'Constable Study 3'

'Constable Study 5'

'Constable Study 4'

'Constable Study 5.2'

Weekend gums / wobbly like kid's teeth/ African machinery / the day I learnt to clean my teeth properly