Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Jimmy Saville is Dead (!)

'Jimmy Saville is Dead 1'

'Jimmy Saville is Dead 2'

We were given orders to dismiss the beast. Instead, we told the beast to don his second-best suit and drove him to the nearest kosher butcher shop/ all of my friends have trained to be butchers at one time or another/ fear of concentration/ I spent the night focusing my attention on my girlfriend's fascinatingly camp brother/ I feel obliged to deface page 6 of the King James version of the bible which I am about to throw into the nearest incinerator/ lack of veracity in the 7th autobiography by Eamonn Holmes was compensated with some nice photos of Eammon naked  somewhere in the south of France/ why am I turned on at the sight of men playing chess in their bathing suits?

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