Monday, 6 January 2014

Post-Pagan Yrs / 2010 (Toe Poetry)

'The Beast'

'Post-Pagan Yrs'


'Bacon and You'

'2010 (Toe Poetry)'

'Grinderman 3'

'Things You Now Might Do Tomorrow'

'Twerking in Africa (Lincolnshire)'

'Mark E Smith'

'Even Girls Love Pies (U Know)'

'Fell Good Hit (AA)'

Why do wolf-boys always have such rotten haircuts /w ck skin coat ducks in coats Roy Zimbabwe Mexican revelation puppy dog blob have you noticed that the women of zone five are very attractive greasy old bone poetry hy doesn't lemonade taste like it did in 2010? / how did they get all of those girls to dance around at my 18th birthday  party? / i sat down and made a list of dead actors i wish were still alive/ i want to kiss your testicles at my sister's 40th birthday party?

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