Friday, 20 May 2011

Christmas Blister

                                                                    Biblical Meat

                                          Boko Gregory

(Feel da) Danger

                                                  Oxlade Primary School 1987

                                     Death of a Salaryman

                                                                 Electric Vomit

                                                                        Nose Box

                                                                     Fish Life

Bone Mash / Hippo Kidney

                    'Oh Gawd' (has she always looked like that?)

                                           Sugar Valve

                                        Mary James, Who's on the Hot List?

                                                Who is Nigel? (Eyeball Jazz)

                                                                  Lover's Fangs

                                                              Pork 'n' Chicken

                                                                      Salary Men

        Albatross Kings (London Town, Morning Ritual, Evening Soak)

                                                          Answer me, Jesus!!!

...we gave him trinkets. we gave him bread and wine. but still he sailed away and left us to look after the vulgar infants

                                          The Day They Took Away His Dream

Friday, 6 May 2011

Skunk Drum

Doctor Steven

Be Good Sweet Baby Nigella (Where Were You?)


                                       I Want My Dinner

                                  Humiliated by Rationalism


                                       Modern Problem

                                                                         Frog (tm)

          The Grateful Losers (Going Back to NYC / Sugar Muff)

                                         we fed them treasures

                                             King Harris