Monday, 22 September 2014

Christmas Day 1936


'Beans and Toast'
'Girls Heart Pie'

'French Moroccan Vegan'

'Posing with your new Teeth'

'Forgetting About Gavin'

'1970 Czech DAC'

'For the Above'

'Kris K---'

'Splish Splosh'

'Yeah Yeas'

'Handsome Family'

'You Lucky Dog (Brooklyn)'

'Rainbow Chards'

'Christmas Day 1936'

Listening to Christian jazz whilst whirling on a piece of wood which had been left behind by the kindly dryad/ I composed a lovely poem in honour of the visiting duende..much to the chagrin of my Christian father in law/ we placed the preemie in a box which the son of Arthur Rumbold had made earlier that day in wood shop/ I persuaded my cat to don the little pussy cap I bought from the cat appendage salesman last Friday/ my boyfriend refuses to kiss my little tits.. He says they taste too salty for his sensitive lips

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