Thursday, 18 July 2013

Uma Thurman in the Internet (Cat on Cat)

'Uma Thurman in the Internet (Cat on Cat)'

film skull / standing in the shadow of a bubble / moony she fool / zombie toddlers/ I left my hat on the door so my girlfriend wouldn’t see it / working with the gagged otter (I’m not the sugar baby)/(lost in the circus) I held a balloon in my hand to make myself more conspicuous / why didn’t you commit suicide on your birthday?/despite being only 22, I knew it was a donkey and not a dog that lived in my father’s piano / groomed for Jandek concert / left my young son in the whore house waiting room / cut off your toes and kept them in a nice gilded box that my ex-boyfriend made me in prison wood shop /  I suppose ‘shuttle cock’ must be a term of endearment / endearing yourself to old ladies by singing Prodigy songs out loud/it’s like when you take off your crash helmet to reveal the face of a really handsome man who probably should get more ‘action’ than he does / George Clooney Biblical Impressions Club/  my life impersonating G Murray Abraham / Alaskan finger nails (are black) /Ariel view of the graveyard / caught my nan and granddad sitting around the pianos singing Prodigy songs with great gusto and enthusiasm (when they realised I had seen them they looked really embarrassed, and quickly put out their crack pipes) / red-faced twitchers (those ain’t birds!!!)

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