Wednesday, 17 July 2013



Jesus refuses to buy me a bottle of wine /  the day before I brush my teeth/I was able to identify my father by his shining silver beard that made him look like a tramp from outer space/crow’s stinking fingers  / she left me before breakfast/Maltese breakfast (what, Maltesers for breakfast??) / junk in the morning/I kissed you and then n promptly washed my lips in the ocean / the drab had decide to change her lifestyle because of me / 7 o’clock Jesus /70S saucy vernacular / odd jobs on the moon  /hanging around outside a motel / king of the bed sheets / sing for your gravy / boys from the black market / astronaut pie / the Martini farm / secret tits (underneath big jumper) / cowboy dreams / cowboy on drugs / sensational sideburns / King John dance club (KJDC)  /tick tock.. it’s time to run / Capital Hill Secrets / ten or  nine esoteric children / the filth written in your  tri-monthly magazine /asshole sugar/ Hotel  Pingu/we lived  inside sexy show / foreign lapels /cardboard army / antique piss pots / sugar  traffic /icicle clock/  traffic horse in traffic / clinical  dump/ looking into nothingness/ goat  stew / Haitian fluff / titty  grasp/ impressed by Grantham / boss of  odd baby yob / sinister circuits / tortured foal / baby blue blush in George Bush’s attic / massive bones / dental mash (dentate pilgrims) / chatting to an eloquent zombie in the Victorian pleasure gardens / I will shave today, mother / a list of dead people called ‘Trevor’ / bucket of glue/stinking like a fish on Saturday night / walnuts forever/I buried my ‘Gus Coma’ LPs in the deep dark hole / I stroked my chin whilst contemplating the  slaughter of the not-so-innocents/ repulsive joy (repulsed by joy) / the time it took me to find my sister’s eggs / we watched the coroner cutting corners / coroner’s lemonade /  /  inopportune moment for screaming / the eyeballs of the future/biblical smash-up / I spend most of my weekends cutting passages from the New testament and pasting them into my baby brother’s school books / more Chinese men have love handles now than ever before / Chimes of Chinese eyeballs / suck on an eye /park your balls here (ball park) / children’s eyeballs ..on the door mat/ menial tasks for King Bingo (former King) /  i took my false finger nails and laid them out n the dining hall table / this is me and Widnes Jackie in the dealer’s kitchen / how am I supposed to melt if it is raining? / look momma, we trapped a cannibal / I met Bobby Risotto eating prawns down the back of an alley in Paris / Parisian gents smoking good stuff/split pants on Xmas day  /I taught my Spanish sister to eat like an Englishman / I just witnessed a horse riding a pig(?) /where is the kettle drum (lover’s snort) / baby’s face / Dracula at 50 / when I appear you will bleed from the anus  /hairy factory/ riddled with lies / Jimmy Carr don’t pay his cess (and he looks like an ignorant baby) / I have forgotten my lover’s name..i wish I had written it down on that notepad over there / buzzing at the breakfast table / killed by life (zoom fog – I have a strong desire for a  candy drum stick) / took your fat infant out to see the retirees /  I suddenly felt the desire to retire from the  orgy /my son-in-law came out today / I clutched my plastic Jesus Christ effigy and prayed that the bad man would go away /  8 leather teeth / I closed my eyes and contemplated the existence of God for a while / sinister stick-men drawn on inside cover of New testament / /  ..and then the television man told me to coat it in a little duck blood / I licked my fingers and they reminded me of Charlie / my father’s latest paradigm was one of his worst yet / careful with that 3 minute old baby /  / God’s biggest mistake was you (I told my girlfriend as she left the building)  /I clutched my lover’s wrists and tried, in vain, to persuade him not to go down to the Jazz Dungeon / silent burp / silent Jesus –I slept in the pond / basic disco / Caribbean wallflower

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