Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Anal Bung Memoirs

'Anal Bung Memoirs'

'Terry QM (K Gordon)'

'Cambridge 2014'

I don’t believe in the existence of puppets / look out, here comes Billionaire Baby  / school is for idiots / golden idiot / get yourself a decent a (insert name of bird here) / the pilgrim wasted his best ideas on me  a bowl of pudding for the newborn / lets all stare out of the window for a w / help the children to find Jesus / I wept like a kitten  /child’s eyebrows  / I joined hands with the gays / leper’s eyebrows  /ghost clinic / eyebrow of joy / I rolled around the garden in my second –hand pyjamas / falling from the sky like aeroplane dung / crippled position / spying on farmers / computers are suitable for idiots / death at sunrise (ha ha) / thumbnail pastiche / thumb and four fingers all over my girl  /African echo /  I lost your pocket book on the train / summer is a waste of time + energy / lost yourself at the sock opera / troubled sockets / what’s so good about eating breakfast upside down? / glorious loser / I walk with my chin down (the African plate) / unconsumed on top of the tape mountain  / dead suns (welcome reintroduction to the charming bride) / mucky spoons / the ceiling thief / living inside  the moon /we tied a nice necktie (good necktie?) around the corpse’s decaying neck  / tennis shoe baby / en fete killer /welcoming children back in from the sea / merman holocaust / the long forgotten fable of the ‘Duckhugger’ (AKA ‘the man who hugged ducks’)./ daisy test. / 1. the boy with the slippery wrist/ AIDS victims up trees/ Moroccan promise/ these are the trees that grew on Mars / blind man in the water / I keep hearing voices in my shed / I can’t read these Chinese e-mails/ my lunatic is a boss .. glued my head back on last night / afraid of the light / I never got to see my hero in wax / lost in the waxwork factory / slippery fist/ it’s best you leave your cardigan on that there coat hook (‘but it is not a coat, James’) / stripped off on the moon / I keep getting mistaken for King Kong/ morbid indulgence/ I ignore Wales when travelling around GB/ He witnesses “the march of sex.” /waiting around the lobotomised in Brooklyn / fish head in my lover’s nest / / cathartic death  / still getting slippery after all these these years /  / I buried all of my trophies and medals in my mother’s back yard / skilled nugget / bar room discord / council estate for the beauty queen and the fish monger / the death of life / “I” even complains that “He forgot me in the panorama.”  / / why did you refuse to acknowledge Aldo Cowpat? / tough toothed bitches / planning carefully for the unexpected re-entry / I lost my balloons today / we found the remarkable child fidgeting with gadgets (bleak echo) / Black Daniel and the Jesus Freaks/ Canned Larry and the Tepid Clocks / visions of delirium parts 3 and 4 / ancient wish list ./ busy with my spare teeth / who could have guessed the moon would be stripy? / he left his spare teeth next to his rusting bicycle/ me and you get lost in the bottom of the ocean / lost in the deep end of the swimming pool/ adult horse/ the adventures of a French man /data picnic / hand me those left overs..i’m still hungry/ esurient corpse / abnormal horse / butch heterosexual / Elizabethan kipper / stuck in space with my nostrils blocked / cowboy flesh / Flesh part 02 / deleted scenery / his teeth were too big for his face / / vinegar partition /I partied with no one today /  / mock the healthy / deep-fried ideas (modern love) / he made a vague reference to the underground killers / pod plink (knit wear modelled by  ugly twin  lucky kitchen / lucky kitchen / blind snowmen / catchment area fools / naked Arab / flight of the tits /  / Danish stubble/ infant apparition / catchment area jazz / addled cook /  / infant jazz ensemble / well-worn neck tie /  the modern egg / carefree scenario (shyster lockbox) / half-eaten cowboy’s supper/ I have no cold chin / pissed in the fire (or drunk in the fire) / amazed by the languidly of the car manual (beef stew) / terrorist on the drums ./ fallen beats (lost horse) /  / sad radish / dead drum beats /   /automatic whisper / dead kids in the garden /  / vegetarian moustache / assorted colourful eyeballs in my soup / /adventures with or without my decayed lover/ I think about my deceased girlfriend infrequently these days /billionaire at the window / circus feet / filthy burden / re-positioned Flat Head / the amber network / gorgeous synergy / I forgot she had a glue-on head / bicycle tiny hiss/ the remarkable fidgeting corpse / rasping corpse / indulging in fist fights on the way home

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