Wednesday, 17 July 2013

B T Vampire Slayer?

'B T Vampire Slayer?'

'Specimen Z'


'No BW Korine'

Forgotten front teeth  /removing posters of the Ancient Fool from my sister’s bedroom wall/  melting gods / MY my daughter-in-law insisted I remove my rubber mask before entering her bedroom /bike in your kid’s bedroom (he might get a nasty sting, mamma) / I painted your lips when you was dead (gnathic children of Mars) / homophobic pastry / we shake hands with kids who are smaller than us / milk man on ketamine / I was lost, but just for a while, I was saved..but where am I now? / Sam’s ideas (babies who live in worn-out rockets) /I discovered the ancient tool box, and in it was a written note which I decided not to read / Janus Harris was the cream of punk (or was that queen of punk?)  /no use for  sundry ape / dead astronaut on the shag pile carpet / evil spaceman apologist / ghetto beats / prince of caramel /  toffee-nosed holocaust/  kingdom of flies (dead flies) /  / three reasons that Pink Donkey is better than White Monkey / my son-in-law wiped his plate clean with my best Armani silk shirt.. I quickly took away all of his toys and dumped them in the river Seine / inside a bachelor’s kitchen / gender rebellion / last of the deaf poets  / dead end banquet ./ dead children on the moon   / forgotten teeth / I left my front teeth on the back of the bachelor’s moped / broken walnuts / invisible hairy ghost  / I have always had a fondness for kooky murderers / I have always loved you, killer / the man who couldn’t take to aliens / pansy in a lift with a bunch of hard-line criminals etc. / ghetto glue / the ABC string (sizeable tits) /what makes you think it is acceptable to glue your eyebrows back on? / binge thinking / somebody has just written my name on the back of Chris Dog-Nut’s face / she insists on making love with a python draped across her shoulders / prized skull / I made love whilst clasping a python in my right hand / she always makes love with a python wrapped around her neck / ‘I haven’t had sex for over 3 minutes’ complained the sex addict / I am addicted to tickling my own ball bag /modern scorn /blind man sniffing around the abandoned farm  /we quickly realised we were in a post-apocalyptic movie /  I stole your nick-name (camped out all night with Trevor McDonald) / Big Ted was a paedophile / car boot baby / orange valves / shallow-fired love nest /  Skid Row Beauties / UR the guy from XX / theatre of invisible players (the milk zombie is back from the cheesy grave) /I melted cheese onto my dreams / cheese on toast and a bucket of parasites /  gorilla called Barry 

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