Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Ann Acid 2

'Ann Acid 2'

'Where is This?'

 massive girth of fallen super hero / arse-hole artist / urine artists / prelude to a broken arm  /am I really more handsome with a moustache?/cowboy at the computer with a confused expression on his face  /echo of wolf howl / Harry’s maps were spread out on the dining room table, which prevented us from eating a breakfast  / spying on the cucumber / Birmingham will always be the laughing stock of Europe / fiends are coming out of the woodwork, and I got an exam paper to mark tonight / spate out a barely-chewed piece of beef, straight into the cowboy’s eye / eyelid on fire (mute coma) / mute in the coma / coma baby /necks out for the ladies / / blind teeth / dirty girls cat fighting all night / filthy rainbow /my wife looks more handsome without a moustache//time to go and shave off your moustache / secluded from the orgy / how come you don’t float? /roaming orgy (we took the orgy on the road)  /this town is full of flat-headed little children /in advance of the broken arm / slaughtered ghost (carefree cobwebs) / ruined by the West / occidental trump/ born to ruin / we did.. why didn’t God think of that? / New Eden think tank  / saucer full of blood / youthful nostrils/ a brief chat with the King of the Pigs / abnormal nostril / men called Daniel sitting around discussing vegan cooking / vegan in my family / horse’s update / my vinyl baby (day release) / cut above the eye (day release) / you made me look old / day release babies / legend of jazz eyebrows (legend of faded eyebrows) / night pack-up / soft-hearted vampire / youth music (day release children) / life of a prison baby / re-entry maps / a pictorial history of sunbathing nude / darkest curtains. / no way back to hell (long-forgotten octopus) / sucking on a rubber tit / I spotted you in the photograph, standing naked outside the castle, holding a small flag in your left hand  /Andrea (peace) is gay (peace) / pieces of death / no leg room for a very tall cowboy / infant haggle / hungry for the radish ./ makeshift teeth 

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