Wednesday, 17 July 2013

sometimes I wish it would start to rain fish, like it did last year (it gave us something to talk about, didn’t it) / I didn’t expect the frog’s eyelashes to taste so incredibly bitter / stinky old raiment of the Croesus / dead-eyes of lanky poet / / ‘Big Joe’ was a suitable epithet for my mum’s new boyfriend / saddled with the tasks that should have been completed by the teenager /powdered cowboy/ woke up from dreaming of long-dead man shovelling manure into a massive metal canister (sleep) / a million or so corpses can’t be wrong / vulgar traffic /white people in space/healthy radiation ? the mongo bones/ New world left-over’s (finger-tips in paradise) / I have always enjoyed listening to the white noise from space (white stroke Space Alan) /king of thumbs /sang a song about a sex puppet to the accompaniment of some black and white footage of a man being destroyed by a vulgar robot from Christmas eve 2016 /they swept away the ashes of the Twin Towers to reveal a small brass hippo which once belonged to Marlon Brando’s dead son / pilchards for EVERY meal / there’s talk of brining Yul Bryner back from the dead to star in the new James Bond picture (he will play the role of ‘Lance Baddad’ / sugar-coated bell ends / / androids of Mu / Nelly and the Others are slicing pieces of meat from the freshly-killed horse / arable land on Mars / my grandfather claimed to be the first teddy boy to set foot on the moon /pink leather turned me on / too many students on the moon / the posh echo / cats with dirty fingertips /we should never have named our band ‘We are the Gorgeous Boys’, as we attracted the wrong crowd (counterfeit kids) / manhole kids// too many cocks spoil the breath / jazz breath / it’s a little late in the day for torture, Adrian/ Child of Adrian (Adrian) / circus mouth / in the whelping pit with sons of Paddy Barrack / secret Spanish alphabet / my teeth are tickling the future / youngest member of peanut orchestra helped us build escape vessel / escaping to a mountain which is populated by witches and witches' assistants / is peanut butter an appropriate foodstuff for a newborn baby? / poof on the moon / neighbouring kidney / the joy of being a bearded astronaut/we still believe in a cure for the blues / Jandek coughed up some blood and poison this morning and decided to cancel his meeting with the Son of Satan/Johnny Waltz woke up on a roof again /I spent most of Christmas day teasing my children’s new pets/cooked remains of dog flower/ white people can’t play tennis / Black Battery - Kitten Key Orchestra (that funny feeling you get when waking up with a naked man in your bed) / fashionably weak people on the moon/funky monsoon / Eine Fremde Lebensform in my god damned back garden / chicken bone in my socks / the legendary clockwork egg of Norfolk village / trying to encourage the demons go back home/2. Cardboard fish orchestra / howl of the fat kid (with his empty sugar bowl) / is smoking banned on the moon? / the horse is back on TV..much to the delight of the young chidlren/1.the lunatic moon /listening to banned jazz with the son of the day care centre manager /I fondly recall the day Charlie stopped crying over spilt breast milk/leather-clad Jesus / the day the earth laughed out loud (E) / my father had excellent bush skills but very poor parenting skills/ faces of the wild dead people / majestic echo / the day the dead kids came to say ‘hi’ / Randolph the Pooch was the very first doggy to set paw on the moon / I climbed into the wardrobe and removed my teeth.. then I sat and thought about the world’s first really modern priest.. oh boy.. I ain’t got a home to no child

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