Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Bob Dylan's 'Masked and Anonymous' (Automated Sunrise)

'Bob Dylan's 'Masked and Anonymous' (Automated Sunrise)'

'Petard Reject- MAM 2'

It might be a nice idea to make yourself aware of sexual inclinations of Rambo / / teenaged gorilla wearing a nice head-scarf he bought from TK Maxx (the branch in London which allows gorillas to enter) / /  ok, I confess..i didn’t kill the Mahatma (oak tree in my shoes – Japanese pipe organ recital) /  have you noticed how most women have radically different manners to men / I returned Lady GaGa’s birth certificate to her with a small thank you note written in blood (which I obtained from an ill punk-rocker..he was suffering from a rare blood disorder which can only be treated with the saliva of a flying horse) / unopened Dutch unicorn/ Robin Thursday and the peachy tits of Paris / Gulliver swallowed the future/on today’s show we will be looking back on the time Stewart Cliff wanted to make love to Bleeding Tom Mills’ (AKA The Laughing Gob) big sweaty face beard / I like to see a woman eating a whole cake to herself (I love them fat women) /juicy moustache / pink fangs/ he was (or, at least, claimed to be) the Chinese Rocky / mistaken for a dead cat/the juicy engine – the juicy enigma / Irish Giles / you could see from the position of my hat that I hadn’t been lying to you (baby) /little girl milking a cow – Irish dead rock singers litter my mind / watching the dead dog from afar (from the vantage point of the 7th highest tree in the forest) / detumescent head of baby scholar / igloo trigger / I took off my pants and showed my ass to the Japanese supermodels / different vest, same mendicant / performing corpse / I laid down, slid out of my wet suit and dreamed of you (dead gal) / poofter’s shoes . /’Sookie’s Revenge’ was a brilliant movie..shame that they cut my 2 second cameo out of the finished cut / so said disturbed angles/my favoured valediction when leaving my father-in-law’s house is 'see ya later big man’.. / perfumed crutch / the day my donkey went away from me/favourite poems written in blood and charcoal juice/the world is full of distant dogs / I am the Moon Crow..scarecrow on the moon (there are no crows on the moon) / amateur bumming /filth of wild animals/the Moo Moo Circuit /group 1 bastards / Spanish nostrils / Kid Cassette recorded over his ‘Best of Harry Munk and the Monks’ tape with some banging and popping noises / industrial-sized love hat / the day I saw some very strange things on the surface of the moon/re-tuning your radio to enable you to receive secret transmissions from God /  girls with the acid rain in their hair/ /royal fuzz / my new boyfriend sports an anachronistic, yet fashionable, new haircut / woke up at 4.45 am with some Caribbean charcoal in my left fist / poofter on a horse /I’m having a mental bloke (round for dinner)/Apex Pitch (blank-faced  babies)/I ran out of juicy tit-bits, much to the chagrin of the hungry dogs / pasteurise future/much like Dick Turpin, your pappy  was no’s true / Voot Records annual dinner-limbo / lost in Spanish Limbo (high-eyebrow society) / my id reflects the fact that I just spent several months in a Vietnamese prison 

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