Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Finding Art Where There is None

'High Above the (are we still kids?)'

'This is what she would have wanted'

'80z Animal TV'

'Offish Project'

'Mea Culpa TV'

'Ant and the Republic'

'Fish Below Zero'

'Me Sneak 'round yer 'ouse'

'Poem 80 War'

'Blame Culture'

'Amazingly Good'

'Finding Art Where There is None'

abused teeth / summer-time rats / embrace the jungle piano, old man / I put my feet up in the kitchen cupboard / tropical spastic / my uncle was the self-proclaimed king of ice and fire/ Bernard’s sauce / cat in the cathedral / slicing up fish for the Japanese family / cat in the graveyard (sniffing around) / plastic secrets / the uliginose children were finally admitted into the public school / thunder Michael Stipe (not his real name) / REM fiddle / I never forgave my father for shooting a sugar bear / flagellate my girlfriend (I am unable to do it due to an industrial injury I suffered just before last Xmas) / knuckle soup / get back on the chuck wagon / I challenged the guy in the shell suit to a soup drinking contest / eating out with Beth, Mary and that guy with the black spot on his tooth / Japanese children standing around waiting for their mothers to collect them / I took off my chapeau to reveal a new haircut which I knew my mother would not approve of / clinging on to the fur ball / my dead little pony / stroke my beard and take away my wagon..pah! (give me some shoes and let me smoke a cigarette or two) / I collect Japanese bones / android in the canal / your kid’s drawings are a waste of wall space / the first chapter of his novel was written in a rather perfunctory fashion, due to the lack of narcotics available to him at that time / jazz triumph in 2000 / paranoid chicken (Cube 1) / Spanish cubs / blacked-up for Christmas / her shoulders were frozen, but only her shoulders / horse mixture / may I buy your daughter-in-law from you? / the fireman burnt his teeth / gorgeous heathen / Heathen poetry club / poetic muscle / she was distracted by the over-blown narrative /  goddess of the nativity / the forgotten Johnny / the world smells of lobsters /fascinating black spot / kid’s haircut / his pristine frock coat got covered in specks of gravy and mashed potato / Indian supper (I am Indian) / Pingu you’re the devil; you’re leading me astray / ancient Egyptian ash tray in my flat / men in tight trousers eating torpedo roll sandwiches / I ducked my head when you threw the knife / 

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