Saturday, 20 July 2013


Dutch Hang-over / Bleeding Tom Mills AKA The Laughing Gob is dancing in a circle - Meat Circle (creamy goblin) /  I took out my pistol, I took out my flower..which one is the most relevant in this situation?/½ cardboard ½ flesh  / possessed by Prince / give me a hand with this corpse, will you / feat. Hand Job Slim/why did Theodore Hogan sell his flesh for some used VHS movies that he had already seen a dozen times each? / men in crap movies eating cold food / what is the point of children? / racing away with third prize/ I abhor men whom punish their flesh (I hate men who perfume their flesh) / daughter of the fleshy ghost  dubstep and manic depression just do go together / how can you be a prize fighter if you can’t even love your woman? / when a zombies starts to eat one of the cast it is a nice idea to cover the lens to save the victim’s dignity (who wants people to see them with all their guts hanging out and shit?) / furry maps (vagina drop-off point) / my granddad leant me some of his dub-step vinyl and I returned the favour by shining his best shoes for him / grandma’s punch bowl needs cleaning-ask Davros to do it/the girl sweet but she covered in octopus germs / coated in rats/ripped up the chit and threw it in the hot fire / Parker’s revolt/1. For a second-year exhibition Billy turned up with a heavily rendered green, black and white portrait of his friend Sexton Ming, painted so thick and wet that (when hung above a radiator) it curled up like a stiff sail / tackle slackers / gimp bong/secretive life of a fresh Hogg Dogg / Bear cat blues –remembering the festival of life/lube up X Man (man) / Buff Medway tackle box / sexing the chickens on Xmas day/the mummy’s tooth  /we found a Sony Walkman in the mummy’s tomb / French piss / cucumber pie for the kids/that’ not Kermit the Frog; but this is / shagging the future/shagging the secret porno queen/secret queen (daily rations-jelly poetry)

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