Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Quim and I

'Quim and I'


'We Lived Out Our Dreams (Quiet for the Slits)'

'Liquid Lips (Flaming Lips)'

'Wipe away your tears and the cum that has corroded on the sole of your shoe'

Nice ‘n’ evil / improving leg room on Death Row// a distinct lack of ash trays on the moon / pleasure able shit / J1:- universal panther / panting like an old sex addict / performance flow orgy / Christmas pineapple / orgy on the road (roaming orgy) / sailor’s poetry / living in the near-future / living in the aftermath of with breakup between Jugs and Mayhem (cobweb crust) / crusty gravedigger iron-on eyebrows / I gotta get away from the Hebrews / I was lesbian on Monday / backroom chart (teeth out) / Harrison in the glorious gutter (nude in the factory) / rotten fish in my mouth / (childish stalker) / straight out of heaven / sitting down blues / I gotta get up to get down..i gotta smash the piano before I can play the thing / kick out the dream Buddha –shaved ball sacks /I was homophobic on Tuesday / she was like the girlfriend you never knew you had / I killed my girl and fried her bones / I forgot to press my face up to the window like a curious street urchin / I fried my baby’s bones. / a box of shadows /  he is selling his shadow to the highest bidder / electrocuted on Saturday / I ma inspired all day (by January Steam) / they have sold out of sweet potatoes coleslaw 3000 / fag gadget / getting addicted to steam  / mesmerised by this automatic handwriting / wriggle  out of the clutch of the killer / death in the afternoon (in the bath tub) / killed by a bathing monster / the sunshine thief / ignorant apostle (Jewish day release) / Jew on the moon / bored of miracles / bathing with the Jews (Jewish bath tub) / lice out for the w-end / she knitted me some teeth  /patient corpse / full moon blues / swamped by the blood babies  /apathetic flood victims  / that you are all mine  /i was not sleeping in Kippax / damaged naked men /favourite wet dream / dreaming of a life without the pirates / crippled biscuits/ the unforgiving paternal glare / white hot gambit / the day they started to enjoy eating radishes / the swollen mountain / son, do you realise this is your third fur burger? / kitchen tonsils / who ate my vegan hamburger?? / sleeping with King Kong / hustler’s rule book / slimy faces in the choir  /sideways shave / brave corpse  /swearing at bricks . swearing at concrete walls  /AIDS-ridden owls / time to skip off with the hot gals / iron the horses coat/ black Jones. /it’s a savage life at sea, these days / perfumed countenances in 1947 / war on unpleasant birds etc. / filthy fingernails indicate a working man / // reading out the grave digger’s poetry / himself is cheesy / the promising Wednesday / well, I am not the UK (SW) / Siamese quench / Tom’s thumbs (bleeding flesh) / I visited my deformed step brother in the cave where he does dwell these days /caramel bones/ I have never met a black virgin / why are people from Norfolk so stupid? /  / the white or grey lanes /waiting for Christ to drop of the cross / we spent most of Saturday night blowing cobwebs out of our hair / big baby in the pig factory / sometimes the ice melts and we can see the ice man’s skeleton bones / bearded road / 1. snow plough on the moon / I can smell the devil’s breakfast // I fell in love with the boys who were fond of hiding underneath the glass table / / homosexual traffic / afraid of androids / to love your dog without it seeming weird / I never trust a clown / factory baby / my baby +the puff /the only evidence that he had been there was some cake crumbs and a small note saying ‘I was here’ / pig or model-you decided UK / big and ignorant (flesh juice flesh) / 7 wheels of hell / flash automobile covered in human shit etc. / sometimes they forget to take  a look at the paradise egg (you had to force yourself to look at something unpleasant) / radiation pulse / ripped and lonely / ok, kids with moustaches.. form an orderly queue /moustaches are mosuatches  meant to look like that / I have always been jealous of the attention that babies get from women / rolled over like a legless dog / friends with the enemy / drowning the flood victims in the bath tub / a kipper by any other name / I fell in love with the chair woman , I did not know her name / I’m frightened by your evil-looking moustache and beard / civilised biscuit / children who have never experienced ‘moon’ / my childish biceps / stocking up on sexually-charged memories/ kids in the space station (mucking about) / I pained my toe nails silver to enable me to fit in more easily / my sugar-coated nostrils/ Trevor’s chest / smoking what’s left of the stash on Xmas morning 

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