Monday, 15 July 2013

Tinker Bill

'Tinker Bill'

'Slash Happy'

My new girlfriend has a tatoo of a Bog Monkey on her left titty/ dance like a pilchard/ cramped creature/ I bulldozed my girlfriend's house and used the rubble to build a makeshift prison to place her and the kids in/ a curious Taiwanese businessman is filming some fast food-gormandising obese British people on his high-tech cellular phone/ look at all those British people licking their eat lips at the sight of yet another tray of French fries/ pimp royale/ lipstick wearing cage fighters turn me on something rotten/ sex testi / sex texting a man who might be my sister's husband / bathing in vinegar with some nice Chinese people/ British Prime Minister David Cameron is applying lipstick to his sister's ugly pink  nipples

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