Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Shared Rats (European Animals)

'Shared Rats (European Animals)'

'College Walk-About'

taking myself away from Him / temporary egg/  delicate torture / bambino bingo / childish stud /propriety ladder /homunculus stuck up  tree / fidgeting underneath the bed quilt / Satan’s inaugural wet dream / chase me and pretend that i am your butterfly / I distressed myself by peeking into the contents of the formerly-sealed coffin / without blood, but with good taste in white paint shades / Wire dictation in sticky attic / blessed with a beautiful vagina / silly men with their hands tied behind their heads / giraffe neck sandwich (OKS) / temporarily hidden eggs / did God really do that?? / eat like a man / the machine has gum disease / it’s snowing indoors / (THX-GUM) /mashed quiff / duffel bag corpses / Edward pounced on me as I listened to ‘Germanic Hate Tonsil’ music on my Walkman / The Sleeping Pussies / Satan’s wet dream / living with people who have no beards / deep-fried curtains / hollow giblins / Mark on the bench (Bench Mark) / wrestling the effete soldiers to the ground / discussing ‘the violence of machinery’ with Kerry Raven and Toad Himmler / I have never dared to ride adult horses / struggling to make sense of the gallows humour / rumours of death of John Stubble / we found William drooling into a packet of Monster-Munch . / the days and nights spent away from William Harness (violence valve) / Christmas fist / he made a fist and screwed his face up on Xmas day / Transylvanian afro / ice-age dogs / we are developing into a nation of sad bastards who sit up all night playing video games and texting girls in Taiwan / discreet dungeon (discreet torture chamber) / do most women dream of having the ability to grow real beards? / women folk who freeze their babies / modern death and electric dirt / she taped over mah Arab Strap cassette with some radio static fer feks sakes  / moribund orchestra / velvet pastiche / the day I patted the sun throughout the night /  hair banquet /going steady with a rotten corpse / John Rotten and the Plastic Sailors /  anorak wax / built to die / ping pong death (anorak x ray) / block head baby / the day they drifted off into summer 

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