Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Your Mynad


'Your Mynad'

'We Welcome to Russia'

'Emma Thurlow'

Finger and Honk –the Spin-Off / I want to see the gay lights of TV City /  I seem to be the rat bully now / poisoned echo / why is my wife so very ugly?? / crippled kingdom / cripple dummy tease /I heard you painted a portrait of yourself on Christmas day / I heard a noise that resembled the sound of falling men /pink portrait / memorising the name of my sister’s killer/ a modern beep / daddy’s modern kingdom / deformed all morning / his beard grew back during the evening / pink spit / African chalk board/me and my jungle beard / drum and bass fever/  I swapped my wife for a tray of cheese / my mother lost her cheese collection during the great Great War  / deserted bird/ touched up by Cat Daddy / there is no one else to blame if Satan is at large / caged android (mother superior soup)/sweet nonsense (take my batteries out please, doctor) / you have spiders crawling out of your fridge, Derek / caged love/Prince Phillip turned up to my sister’s wedding covered in fleas / armed bellicose puppet master/  I waited 4 years for Saint Sebastian to tell me his secret(s) / you have a sausage where your nose should be, Raphael  / loopy guru / savages interview other savages / god is on hiatus / hospital octopus / jazz countenance /brand new romantic puss sadcore fight group / I fought my way out of sixth form college / sleeping Apollo / the first time I bit a chunk of your flesh/I’ve always preferred the factory settings /  we wrote the names of venal soldiers on page 16  / I too am a horse / hot and stylish corpse / sausage opera / what the hell am I doing locked in the lions’ cage / we climbed into the aperture and were never seen again by any humans (not even by our mamas and dads etc.) / I am king of Cling Film (they call me Kling Film King) / trusted to look good in the morning// woke up with a hippy next to me / vegan hiatus / trumping into your boyfriend’s mouth / going out with no discernible trace of a smile on your face / heroic hand job  /YP – charge of a dark brigade  /sucking out the scum / deformed kids hanging around outside of fast food joints / give the hero a hand job, mother / I saw a photo of Young Joe in the appendix of the bible / the school master was relieved to get out of his tight-fitting gimp suit (which he has worn for rag that correct?) / drinking herbal tea in the public house where Clive Sinclair came up with the idea for ‘air cars’ / Porn devil on hiatus 

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