Monday, 29 July 2013

Birth Control

'Birth Control'

'London Before They Dropped Me Off'

'My Glory - September 2009'

/ the year they let my brother believe he was a space alien / / I have always been very fond of driving in fog / hillbilly poem rips the mickey out of the city folks / I did not shoot my father-in-law’s mistress / she left small bags of dirt on my front porch /now it is time to listen to cassette number 463 (‘Jam in the morning’ by ‘King Fatso’) / shrugging your shoulders during the opera / I want all the perks of being a gangster but I don’t want to live with the perpetual threat of getting killed / barnyard beauty / Is it Nautical Almanac? / animal magnets / in love with a belching teenager /  learning to play piano despite having three hands / lady flower - my father was a secret ladyboy / the question ‘is it OK to be a luddite?’ is slightly less pertinent now than it was 10 years ago  love in the time of cholera / I have always felt uneasy in the presence of ectomorphic people / glad to be a bastard! /the boy who shaved his own beard off and lived inside an abandoned bubble gum machine / fat liar on moon /  she smells of gun flowers./ there was a rumour circulating that my father had played in the band "Billy Barf and the Vomitones". / go home and wash your tongue / I still love the blob / hats off to chicken and gorilla / Maxwell’s demon / his (t) list is merely a reflection of what culture he is imbibing at any given time /no, I am not China’s richest man / He-She Ra (even cartoons have to be PC these days) / political correctness is just wrong (nacho supper) /  / millennium limp / dust Jacqui miss Nag Magoo / shapeless walrus / I travelled to Mars but forgot my packed lunch / I don’t miss Magdalene Magoo /should be carry on munching on the Amanita mascara? / mushy dung – daddy’s potion / calescence corpse (burning on the heath) / rubescent-faced astronaut / feeding candy to the the gaunt astronaut  /modern sludge /broken babies and shapeless teeth / Jandek 20001 / pissed  we spent Christmas morning watching restored footage of the 1934 punk group 'The Shifty rascals’ / Christmas mourning (I hate stuffing etc.)./ my dad was not a member of the Cowboy Orchestra /the day he sold his eyes to a clown / deformed orchestra conductor /  thunder tits / Jackson and the astronauts/and then the museum curator coughed up some precious artefacts / a hand drawn drawing of Bobby Vee / Falklands love child / encyclopaedic knowledge of the life of Bumper Baby / here is an image for your head this morning:- a man wearing red lipstick and a little funny hat, chucking vegetables into the air / a man with chimpanzee arms is wrestling my baby brother..i might just have to intervene / list of flowers we didn’t eat at the funeral / gorgeous paws/

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