Saturday, 20 July 2013

La La (Shield Yer Eyes From The Terrifying Smile of the Newborn Demon) (S) (2)

'La La (Shield Yer Eyes From The Terrifying Smile of the Newborn Demon) (S) (2)'

 Pee Wee pansy childish painigns of a backwater visionary / why can’t I have teeth just like yours??/gorilla pickle peadeomorph on last bus home (carrying bag of fried eggs) / Mervy Allen pipe out opinion at 4am  - Bleeding Tom Mills AKA The Laughing Gob is Norfolk’s leading flaneur / fried rejection/ I swooned at the feet of the American wrestler / I will not be dictated to by Hollywood  / bellicose pansy / we raise our arms every time an aeroplane crashes into a significant building / now I am Pewee Wales/ shaved off my toe beard (shaved off my tooth beard) / abandoned horse museum / blinded by the pseudo sun / Teds vs Tommy-Knockers (perfumed troll) / I’m so dumb.. I often ride buses even though I don’t need to go anywhere./I loved you in your sailor boy outfit and so did the Pepper Monkey!! / slim kid in the burger restaurant / The Son of Mother/ Splintered issue (eat cabbage for breakfast) / exploding heads on bus home / tidy up your feet, Young Queen/ I memorised the sermon in an attempt to impress the pastor / please welcome..modern hostage / aren’t you glad you’re you?

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