Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Am I A Virgin?

'Am I A Virgin?'

'Peacock Collage (College)'

'Dust Bastard Yrs'

we spent most of the weekend trying to guess what God might look like if one was to ever meet Him / Death Row pin-ups / fat people on acid (fatty acid) / homosexual reunion/they replaced the dance floor with a bottomless pit and were chucking the acid heads into it / let’s rid Manchester of its acid problem / / in the belly of the Modern Christ  /split brick /goodnight sweet sex addict  /fell in  love at the death camp /spit on a brick / brick-layer’s crack/ sub aqua homosexual people / super aqua merman freaked out the tourists / candy-coloured killer / people are looking at my nigrescent shirt to try and ascertain what colour it really is (in this light) / sub-human fish man /oh baby it’s so very hard, try to apply your lipstick on the train  / the adult concoction / death row orchestra / Sweaty Brian Parlett is the Day-Glo Kid / Stewart Cliff is Jacamo Kid (from now on ‘till we say otherwise) / / I can remember when the world was coated in dog ordure /cold  fist of the ice man / Satan’s banquet //travelling backwards with orange-bearded men / orange skin of puppet / ghost farmer / joyous bearded men travelling around small villages espousing the befits of wearing beards in winter time/ take them wah-wahs and all that other shit and go throw it in the lake—on your way to the barber shop / barber shop fat lip/oh god I got no idea who my lover is these days (where my lover is) / diving in for my dinner (wet lunch) / pink banquet/my feet smell like a church / ugly woman magnet / losing weight before the wrestling match  / are you ready for Death Row?/my suit didn’t fit me any more so I walked into the job interview in my underwear (I also decided to place a rose betwixt my teeth) good child bad adult / so are these just ideas for the last verse of your latest poem? / my lips taste like petrol / tonight I am a dog (for a change) / oiling up yourself in preparation for the wrestling match  / memories of a gimp 

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