Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Russia Dust

'Terry QM'

'Russia Dust'

Me and my mates re-enacted ‘..if’ at 4.44 am on a lovely sunny Tuesday morning / new theatre fingers in Hell/ shagged by memory/  Teddy Boy soap opera / pink split / hepatitis hat / ornery teens chucking home-made missiles at the kindly teacher’s head / bouncing off hankered stray yeti / more pink crap / judo emblems / god’s got tentacles / you made yourself happy in the morning/ I put ‘My Morning Jacket’ tape in the cassette deck and drove on down the road (heading for Jaded Empty Landscape) / infinite Norman / death of destructive forces was a welcome occurrence  /Thomas Brolin’s academic puppet show / minus 14 baby / I shaved off the janitor’s eyebrows while he slept soundly in the makeshift bed that my mother made up for him / Percy’s check list /  I tend to dream backwards / salted corpse / was it Mary Poppins magnet or Mary Poppins maggot / the interesting cupboard back passage lovers / I get most of my biscuit supplies from the priest who happens to be a keen baker / bakery batch blues (I killed my girlfriend last summer)  /abandon the gay (gay abandon) / abandon Rambo / Scottish white board (various beers)  /smoking octopus bones / lumberjack lost weight / I shaved off my chin beard to make me look 2 years younger / I quit being jealous of the Corner Boys / pleasant Corner Boy / shaved bishop (in 1988) / my makeshift baby/ I dream of being the King of the Sea (official) / gonad soup  /crosshatch eyelids / the beautiful bones of Dolly Bradshaw / echo of a ghost / Miss Ugly UK / I think it’s fait to assume that that girl will not go out with you / unsuitable toy boy / back door dog / the king of being happy / drug bin lucky dip / the sparrow was swallowed whole by (name del)/in my spare time I look after athlete’s feet/ baby dog hovering above the technology park /  I look forward to NWP / Skelton head death jamboree 2008 / cardboard army / maybe today will bring the plug envy/My First Morning Piss (no jacket, no service) / Doug Laker has come to say hello to my mother / sequestered pigs (FKA Jaded Pigs) / pink ‘n’ filthy

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