Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Cousin Merl won the 2015 Academy Award (c) for 'Best Actor in a Deflated Picture'

cuckoo’s got bad breath  (from eating rotten worm) /    I go home and eat modern biscuits/ Madonna is a storm – (the milk hag) / sloppy sorcerer / Van Kim’s day off / tiger porn upset Le Tigre Porn / prawn voodoo and the bungalow woman/ internal holocaust / internal apocalypse / everyday loves ambulances / childish murder stories / modern spastic (plastic penis) / I have my eyes on the gentleman’s bassoon / modern cobweb / sex ‘n’ gravy / pilloried for refusing to smoke illegal cigarettes / your father’s tidy head / distressed by Moon Baby / here are some more shrugging infants / edible fools / watered-down gravy / the caramel Yawn / what she said to Mute Fashion Head /  I re-grew my afro for the short film / king of the Victims –broken nails / got on the bus home and spat out my tarantula gum / guffawing at shapeless peasants wearing shapeless clothes / pissed archery instructor / Hispanic Gas / relieved to be a baby again / twisted features of Aunt Marie / graveyard slags / fags in the backroom / cow jaw of my youth / Graveyard Johnny and the Zombie Slags / I put my lipstick on backwards / big fat eyes looking down at us from the top row / jazz boggle traffic priest with chimp and lady-boy / we took note of how ‘Live at the Slag Rooms’ went down with The Priests (STNBLP?) / slag at the picnic / victim’s glue / OCD ledger / Chelsea bluff / stubborn beard / she got her knickers caught in the spaceship door / going down with ‘The Presets’ / we tried to make it sound like we lived in a factory / careless boogie / WOG on the moon / sipping cocktails with Glamorous Frederick /take a peek at  moon baby’s purple lips + greasy chops / Bobby’s cream fingers / men called Bobby / my uncle forgot his radiation suit but went in anyway / bored of Modern Wars (I am alive) / Amateur panther / Siamese triangle / MNT (old Skool) banquet for dead people / gorilla training clinic / by my reckoning, Sid Caesar is the 41st best comic ever / Scotland is a disgusting place, and I might move there one day / walking on fresh snow makes a sound that resembles the sound of crunchy skeleton bones..doesn’t it. / the black-headed preacher found his dead dog floating around the crematorium (yes) / grizzly bones / I made a sculpture out of your face / I made a sculpture of your face out of mashed potato and Camilla flesh / addicted to Israeli eyes / Leonard Chapman, Jim Reeves, Syd Barrett and my Uncle Patrick smoking good stuff in London cafĂ© / golden delusions / gypsies meat locker / modern landslide / fresh cock / kitchen sink rocket and glove birth / Disney is BS. /  plague memoirs vol. 02 / reaches for the summer mask / your summer teeth were very beautiful l / here we are in the new slime / trying, in vain, to learn the Vietnamese alphabet / Gorgon and me (strolling through Moscow park) / beauties of Cowdenbeath / Joe Robson’s creamy network / bloody heaven / Irish styles / Camilla Piss / Chinese puke / tame your dragon, boy/ dishing up the cock / I laid on the walnut floor and rubbed a rabbit’s foot all over my body / bag of bodies / woke up with my penis in one hand and a gun in the other 

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