Thursday, 18 July 2013

Nocturnal Picasso (Jake)

'Nocturnal Picasso (Jake)'

'When Pessimism Ruled the World (Airwaves)..a Bigger Mist Descends'

Bleeding Tom Mills (AKA The Lauhging Gob) of Poppy Fields, West King's Lynn is aphephobic..but don't let this put you off giving him a high-five when you see him around town (or anywhere else for that matter) / thank you for letting me touch your body (said the grinning Egyptian) / caligynephobic at the beauty queen show / voodoo armistice / throbbing neighbourhood / festinating sloth/preparing for the arrival of Satan / coloured animals / we present this druggy atonal music to you as you sit down and listen intently / 98 per cent of my pals live in Beirut / organ chewing because of romantic pressure /Pandrogyny was a bad idea for the butch man and the waif / the man who refused to fry his own bacon

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