Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Bad Bad Nest

'Russia Dust'

'The Bad Bad Nest'

 ..these must be your soiled pyjamas / outdoor pyjamas /  / kid on the carpet / kidneys on the carpet /  / tempted the dog to come down from the tree with olid leftovers / Elizabethan lips and sausage meat / I assaulted your teeth / do vegans still eat other vegans? /  / King Mango – mushroom for the truth / donkeys with teeth / you’re getting too old to kill yourself / Peter was not a human or a rabbit; he was just ‘Peter’ / Market cat got the blues / marked-up fur coats / foreign goblin / blister on my Johnston / Snot Patties / . Home-recorded death nuggets / . Influenced by such artists as ‘Vulgar Echo’, ‘Kid Gimp’ and ‘Chutney Vessel’ (FKA ‘Chutney Vacuum’ / Mountain  Voices – the milk that was spilt on the  pavement / ‘silence’ cried  Jandek. / More Snot Patties /  Snot Patties made my son weep (son wept) / Sasha attends warped drama school /snot tastes nice, if a little bitter / My pace: slow  / daddy was a rich cat ./ I drew some pictures of kids in adults jackets / blue corpse (jet daddy) / blind man in the ocean / are ghosts blind? /  / precocious teen in small Alabama town/ Texan hand jobs. / rusting trophy / Abba Cat / oblong kitten / a gorilla makes an absurd pet / triumphant head / incidental death (Bobby Gee avoids loud noise for a bit / eating a rejected potato for lunch/ Ibis CV lark African /  / igloo worms / three clean hippies/  /snot patties / i didn’t want you to weep when i sawed off the wooden child’s head / French bluster (modern life tastes nice) / Egyptian truth /  who lovers your stomach? / prelude to a hand job / The Unique Sockets sophomore LP has been re titled ‘Death of a Killer’ / the painter ate a charcoal sandwich fro his tea / his face had not a mark on it, but his toes were very badly damaged / iron-out the dodgy rock  // futuristic woman – curse of the past (head fryer)/ Keith wrote down the names of all the girls who had talked to him in the past 3 months (not including Cindy Dawson; the bar-keep lady) / erotic bounder/  (body ulcer) / islands in the sky (when I was a kid) / daddy never did come home for tea / baked at 3.44am / blistered river a / a fight with Powder Man (FKA Powder Puff Man) / ten tonne Rolly / we left plastic kid melting in the sun / we want you to bend down and pick up our trimmed toe nails / this is the box where I keep my trimmed toe nails / I have a toe nail down my throat /   days out with men left behind in Norfolk / rancid activity / I think I lost my spare finger nails down the well / painful fiesta / doomed to crawl on all threes / doomed soap opera / Las Vegas on Mars / war goblins /  / rock me accidentally / Amadeus is my lover / I made a hasty decision to wipe 90% of my ‘Soundtrack to Dutch Elm Disease’ by ‘The Diseased Nuns’ cassettes (and I regretted it at 9.15pm on the 21st of July) / mmm.. a barbeque sandwich/Ron Sexsmith taught me how to enjoy myself / there is a bug on the end of the DJ’s microphone (can we discuss it alter..this is not a question) / big girls with one eye on their calorie intake / it’s good to be back inside the calaboose (again)  repeat 

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