Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Recovered Footage of Lana Del Ray Having Sexual Intercourse in a Storage Cupboard

'Going Back to Dublin'

'Recovered Footage of Lana Del Ray Having Sexual Intercourse in a Storage Cupboard'

'Kruffy Lives'

'Masked and Anonymous (Euro Child)'

Heavy Breathing Exercises
not the most chivalrous emprise you have ever undertaken, father / moss grows on the side of my android lover / we have decided to play a drab on every street corner/ we spent most of Tuesday night sponging down a goblin / onions in my socks / dead remedy / cure the deceased / what a beautiful balloon mammal / dusty angels /  the sweetest meat I ever tasted (creamy meat) / Sugar Feet told us all about ‘the modern dance’ / indefinable moments vol. 03 / callous sailors (repo feet) / Junior gave himself up to the chewing gum police/ every single cloud reminds me of you / fire in the igloo / a salad dressing for work / creepy eyes of octogenarian bachelor / he reached into his dungaree pocket and produced a small carton of motor oil / voodoo is not for you, Young Sally / you should put more effort into keeping your teeth clean  /I removed the stain and called my wife  which ran throughout the entire circus performance / slugs eating small cubes of cheese and talking about sex etc. / in Uganda / fantasy canal / I love to lick the ice cream from supermodel’s farded cheeks /romancing the bullet (in love with the bullet) / fingers in the Space Pie / he should never have been allowed to redeem himself after crawling out of the swamp / visions of /candy-coated nightmare / orange-faced lesbians /strap-on chin / strap-on China man /   box of echoes / blister on my lover’s big toe / I have always been fond of orange girls /envious of the monk’s fresh and shiny tonsure / I can fit my whole toe into your wife’s mouth /  egg and cube/ venerate sinister dinner / free men feel kinky / wizard with clean shaven wizard / billion dollar haircut / we shot the president’s wraith / panther’s wardrobe / she bequeathed her owl collection to the feral kids / bargain pussy / hirsute bachelors (of course) / I played golf with Mohammad Smith / / pleasure down the back alley/ what did Ape Smith do, Captain? (write it down here) / the frozen organ / playing piano you’re your stinking feets / covered in flowers like a girl / kitten on video / cubes of sex / my rubber brother / life in the sleep chamber / the other children look away when you bring out the vegan kids / space kids don’t know how to behave themselves / cold-hearted witch doctors give me the creeps / kitten pickle / I wasn’t invited to the slap-up last supper / ..the man looked at Dracula and recognised something of himself in him / my pachydactyl lover / Trevor’s lover / (free the stuck kids) / hirsute  bachelor (ha) / buffalo batter / guilty donkey / children on the moon / long-forgotten esoteric hand gestures of the 16th cent. / sunflower death / I snorted up  and or at the future / penitent man gave me some sweets to make amends for messing up my perm / I got blamed for messing up my mother’s hair-do / French haircut (paste me on the window, darling) / / now I can relax underneath the wheel / me wearing my vieux jeu chef hat / you, me and the killer with tiny children’s hands / the Asbestos Pres  /we don’t read this  / life behind the curtains / sleeping with dead folk / ear plugs club / eating candy straight from the bone / life behind the line (see attached photo) / death of a pestered Russian / Russian glove / a call for legs / we withdrew our contribution and refocused our attention on the wooden kids / wooden children in 1986 / take my wife, she is dead / guilty behind the curtains / Christ knew a good dancer when he witness one (timeless dancer) / Christian traffic jam / the life and troubled times of the snow lizard / permed insects /permanent insects / yes but the phenom did not know how to cut hair properly / easing yourself into the orgy / gorgeous orgy / what a sight you are with your sculptured hair and sweating man boobs / sucking on the future

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