Thursday, 18 July 2013

Weeping Void - A Visit from the Johnny Depp's Daughter(Go Bapa! 2)'

'Fruit in a Bowl Hat (Go Bapa! 10)'

'Weeping Void -  A Visit from the Johnny Depp's Daughter(Go Bapa! 2)'

 nude reunion / so now I am the father?..ok well in that case, sign this bible for me/I never did learn the Christian alphabet / perfumed drummer / my life in the sea of witches / aqua corpse /sobbing like a dumped teen / teenagers are not allowed in the ‘dungeon’ / walking around the streets with borrowed eyebrows / visiting strangers in hospital accompanied by  Toerag Johnson and the bloke that played Mickey Pierce in ‘Only Fools and Horses’/my boyfriend tried to persuade me that the  gift of a dead horse was inappropriate / stomping around the engine room with a flower between my teeth / cuffed in the morning /Dr Frankenstein kept himself busy by trying to make a man out of old chicken parts and used offal / pipe psychology (juicy leftovers) / visiting AIDS victims with the cast of ‘Are you being Served?’ / the question is not ‘are you being served?’ but ‘when are you going to be served?’ / took to dinner by the gay one out of ‘are you being served?’ / there are many ways to make love..this ain’t one of them (standing still in a bowl of puss) / / 

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