Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Channel 4 Black Sex Space Music

'Dutch Innings'

'London 1997'

'Where Are We?'

'Channel 4 Black Sex Space Music'

'New Teachins'

 King Erratum / radiant smile of Yellow Paul / ape on the hill..throwing massive turds at passing tourist / massive man on a tiny motorbike/ dumped by mother (© Jonny Zchivago ) /I became addicted to those little pills that get handed out at Chinese bus stops / the king of flam /  the ducks of Lame River / positioned yourself in front of the dying octogenarian / amused and delighted  by the sight of dying fascists / careful with that hand grenade, son/1985 was a shit year for basement dance clubs/I advised ‘The Thought Criminals’ to change the name of their third LP from ‘Pandas of Piss’ to ‘ Panda of Urine’ / I stapled his face back on / summer time horse / Christmas prison // pigs on drugs / drug addict’s spoon / I collect Trevors / Joe Socrates and the Concrete Kittens / I kissed my own backside / my sophomore single ‘Big rat in the City’ failed to get past no. 456 in the ‘indie’ charts / I love my grandfather because elf his malleable face/  king Pussy and the Blue Chord wearing janitors / /doorstop corpse / angelic corpse (sugar volume)/coloured pencils must be put in a separate drawer, Malcolm / Michael Jackson at 60 /cured buffalo (what was wrong with it?) / so many ways to brake a man's teeth/ jug of walrus water on the side / sandman cometh (pretend to be asleep , children) / perfumed turd / I just met 2 members of ‘The Who’ in the opticians / colorued effort  /German children standing in a circle and admiring their waxwork effigy of the Cake Demon / saddled with too many horses / got lost on my way back from the graveyard / graveyard primates (king lips are bleating  ..king clot) / I heard a theory that technology was not actually very good / sick in my satchel/sat around d smoking some ‘stuff’ with Bob Marley’s children / packet of dogs / screaming birds woke me up / pretty pansy/I became a Buddhist because I was so bored of being human / you are not the Owl King / catchment area goblins  /I gobbled up the leftover pork / I opened the box to find the complete collection of ‘Genesis’ LPs on cassette tape / walrus breath turns me on /my lips are bleating / King Kong wrapped in cling-film (cost a lot of money to do that, dad) / savoury brains / I particularly favoured the brains / cat tired pansy / pull yer finger out of pig’s nostrils / caught momma winking at the cowboys / waiting for a cowboy/glued my head back on for Xmas / under-weight teenagers waiting around for the fabled Dolly Governor//Fact of today.. Chinese people don’t use full stops when writing poetry to their loved ones/ Bleeding Tom Mills is a thick thick man/ as I withdrew my index finger from the piglet's anus, I realised this was not the life for me /long-lost Cricket Vampire/ I heard a rumour you were actually not dead/ I am a bachelor’s venereal disease / young man on the moon / cut my thumbs off and put them in waste bin/Wiped the filth from my feet with my sister’s best dress / I looked though that little hole in the toilet wall / Goblins of Area 51 / I slipped out of my long-johns and coloured-in my  bare feet with my sister’s best felt-tip pens / Nick Cave’s brother used my sister’s best dress to wipe the crude snot from his big Australian nose / David Decker and the bad babies/I took notes at the moratorium between Bachelors of Beirut and Widows of Washington State / shagged  to my senses/Lionel Blair will die on 25/09/2013 / 3 pm..time for my dad’s teeth to be removed (to be replaced by gold ones)/ televised teeth/ my old nana had her teeth replaced with gold ones (to make her look more like Ol’ Dirty Bastit) / perfumed dung /dead-end hand jobs / Leonard the man – 1-78 / Leonard is my woman – 0-0-0-0 (tin drum teeth) / girls with goose breath / my ideal woman 1. Catfish paws 2. television teeth/ look back on a world given away to a goat (the goat is not you, Mr Evil) / doctor in the swamp / this is one of the sexiest mirage I have ever seen / push a little more candy into the gaping cavity / e informed of the death of God via text message / invisible mud I find very annoying /(plump super models) / /the town entered its sixth day of mourning after the tragic death of my father’s unicorn / burnt pizza tastes nice/captain’s mannerisms / curly haired futurist/the Blind Elvis/  like Richard Mushroom on drugs / ankle deep in gorilla sludge / the man who invented bottomless hats/the Royal Gonad Helminth/ peanut corpse/

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