Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Perfect Acid

'One More Zippy'

'One More Zippy 2'

'One More Zippy 3'

'My Modern Re-birth'

'Perfect Acid'

'Perfect Acid (American Joy)'

'Perfect Acid (Ian YKT!)'

'Perfect Acid (Cold Potato)'

'Perfect Acid (Acid Re-birth)'

'Tomato Wed'

'Perfect GF Spirit'

'Claude Raymond'

'OB V (J)'

'Candy and Cream'

'Pe- kj?'

carnify the sprit of Black Saunders / chubby Jockey / I am the killer who killed your favourite  enemy / politically correct killer / jazz and jam (A lexicon bible) / did you see the blind fox running around like a headless chicken? / that infamous cloud that hovers above your head /  trimming the burger / the baldest elf in the neighbourhood / crippled walnut and the shoe dogs / vanishing haircut / electric porridge / I sometimes forget to clean my teeth in the morning / luncheon meat banquet / as voted for by residents of my head / Resident beast / sometimes I go out without a cardigan, sometimes I don’t / sweet acid future / the hollow glow from space/ the luminous rays emanating from Africa / filthy old gentlemen / addled in the AM / Phantom Mojo /Dillinger is back on the roof again / chubby children in tents /one of the distinguishing features of the killer was a fluffy ball of hair on top of his head / spitting on kittens / tropical spaceman /joining in with the hookers / oh look an orgy..shall we ask if we can join in? /  deformed shoes / Kid Oracle and the Dutch Masters / what the hell do you wanna live under the ground for? / I have demon –sized rats crawling around my kitchen / Captain Beefheart vs. the Grunt People / crying at the breakfast table /   I named my daughter after Tina Turner’s 15th best tune /teenage jelly / psychedelic happening under my bed / Kid Oracle and the knowledgeable gypsy / Kid under the carpets / disturbed by mental image of the Queen’s whiskers/ deformed by the future / the undisputable champion of Earth / slugging it out with a disabled grizzly bear /my first gay wedding / homophonic wedding /  millennium rash / who remembers the following pop groups?...Daniel and the Chimneys, Ra Ra Death Squad, Hippo Chump / artificial hand gestures of the late 15th cent. / flange basket / plenty of buckets of offal / tall story of melting baby / my latest boyfriend is considerate killer /gentlemen in the bath tub / I joined hands with other men who are addicted to salt / pepper pot wife – I killed her!! / bored of being a skeleton / gymnasium hookers or gymnasium lookers / robot trumpet / drunk Wigan fingers / ash tray lover /my girlfriend got turned on by the Fatty Arbuckle footage /cancer straits (1990) / his face smells like leather / sniffing glue all night long /   I assume you have actually heard of Paul Zone? / women in the swamp, playing clarinet / Donkey Mouth Jackson / customise your cock / dancing with the milk man / robot sperm / a box full of heavy mammals / adults who enjoy computer games are very childish / bunch of lesbians in  / witch on the underground / pink wish list / my fingers stink of your 38 year-old daughter / walking through town with a bag full of devil’s dandruff / kids with dandruff / my kitten tastes lovely / tense leisure/ big hat for skinny kid / spin the kangaroo / half-eaten banquet / Bean Baby is back in favour / amen artery death / Wolf Man on last train home (sitting next to a drunk bachelor) / kangaroo poems / what can be more beautiful than an honourable death? Mohammed and the fish-man / ‘Antique Death’ is my 33rd favourite ‘The Beatles’ song / perfumed garlic / Kin of the space age /  I took off my cardigan and threw my arms around the sunshine baby / dead before dusty eyes / discreet hard-on / sports centre whores / we mistook the blind man’s bell for the dinner bell / dinner time with tramp /flicking fag ash onto a Canadian hairdresser / crippled walnut / shoe dogs / he took the death of Mickey Mouse better than expected

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