Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Teddy Lucifer

'Teddy Lucifer'

'SKAD (Summer Kings Adult Dancing)'

'It's in my Palm'

'Trompe Le Monde 2 (Turtle Circus 2)'

'Turtle Circus'

'Sex Sells A'

'Sex Sells B'

'Sex Sells C'

'Sex Sells D'

'Earth Burp'

'Anger One'

'Pimlico Vimto (c)'

'Circus Turtle 3a'

'Pasta For Me'

'Kenilworth Rd'

 I have always felt uneasy in the presence of ectomorphic people / glad to be a bastard! /the boy who shaved his own beard off and lived inside an abandoned bubble gum machine / fat liar on moon /  she smells of gun flowers./ there was a rumour circulating that my father had played in the band "Billy Barf and the Vomitones". / go home and wash your tongue / I still love the blob / hats off to chicken and gorilla / Maxwell’s demon / his (t) list is merely a reflection of what culture he is imbibing at any given time /no, I am not China’s richest man / He-She Ra (even cartoons have to be PC these days) / political correctness is just wrong (nacho supper) /  / millennium limp / dust Jacqui miss Nag Magoo / shapeless walrus / I travelled to Mars but forgot my packed lunch / I don’t miss Magdalene Magoo /should be carry on munching on the Amanita mascara? / mushy dung – daddy’s potion / calescence corpse (burning on the heath) / rubescent-faced astronaut / feeding candy to the the gaunt astronaut  /modern sludge /broken babies and shapeless teeth / Jandek 20001 / pissed  we spent Christmas morning watching restored footage of the 1934 punk group 'The Shifty rascals’ / Christmas mourning (I hate stuffing etc.)./ my dad was not a member of the Cowboy Orchestra /the day he sold his eyes to a clown / deformed orchestra conductor /  thunder tits / Jackson and the astronauts/and then the museum curator coughed up some precious artefacts / a hand drawn drawing of Bobby Vee / Falklands love child / encyclopaedic knowledge of the life of Bumper Baby / here is an image for your head this morning:- a man wearing red lipstick and a little funny hat, chucking vegetables into the air / a man with chimpanzee arms is wrestling my baby brother..i might just have to intervene / spasmodic withdrawal of my favourite quotes / tweeting random lines of poetry. For example..'my mind is like a bucket of slush being examined by a retired astronaut’ / my dad drew up a list of forgotten puppets of the 19th cent. / 

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