Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Nick Cave - Kiss the Sky

'A Ghost Man is Banks is Bind'

'Jazz Reclamation'

'Nick Cave -  Kiss the Sky'

'Pre AM - Preamble with Jackson'

'Morning Kiss'

Jeff told me that a giraffe is just a big orange horse with a really long neck / tied to the 00s / cat on the caravan, wondering why the sky is green tonite /liaising with the dead / all your yesterdays are full of red and blue clouds// cloud man in a confused state / Weird Alan Anchovy did not turn up to my 50th birthday party (actually, I think I forgot to invite the queer-looking bastard) /I got my log jammed and there ain’t a ting I can do about it (gorilla in a human suit) /  Nylon Trevor / be aware of presence of Pelican Jaw Jazz / triumphant scratch / catalogue baby / Prince of lust and desire / pink motivation / poking around the hell hole / hoary old mental lady wearing bright yellow vest / motivated by men called ‘Charles’ / a high degree of feck and vigour was required to overcome insurmountable task no. 06 / birthday orgy / pick-up dolly birds from corner of street / the first thing I noticed was his pink shoe laces / vanity replay / my feet are in the cloud / picnic gypsy / maybe by tomorrow evening the baddies will have left town / went for a bogey in the filthy river / dark teeth of Der Sensenmann / instant spectrum / jazz club finger nail / Joey Units and the King of Piss / fish trickle piss tape cassette / a mental image of King Kong smoking a big fat cigar and scratching his substantial balls / a network of clowns / I see blond men crawling over the desert.. / pissed German officer / number 3 (coconut lipstick) /Chinese dream / ticklish slut / slut loop / gaggle of slutty birds /  coconut lampshade) / have you ever used a coconut to entice a monkey down from a tree? / dance of the lemmings / I am not scared of the devil’s fingers / juicy Wednesday / Trevor McDonald by candlelight / I sniffed my fingers both before and after breakfast / it’s a cup’s game / it’s my ass hole / hairy concubine / what the hell is a mustard plaster? /I can smell the heat wave (and I value your opinion..i reckon it’s worth about 2p) / butter thumbs  /you are not authorised to watch X-rated movies backwards /primal incision / deaf at 3.14am /  4 ages of man (snake bike) / hot ankles / uncle’s meat / borrowing traffic cones  /  Eastern Daleks/ watching x-rated films backwards / minimalist itch . / boiled before breakfast / picnic in the graveyard / clipboard sex / Middle-Eastern Daleks / caught in a bear trap on Xmas day

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