Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Aphex Sarah

'Aphex Sarah'

'Aphex Sarah 3'

'U do the Maffs'

'Uncle's Chicken'

  circus feet / would you like to see my nostrils? / I have always favoured men who hang about at the back of the room / the view from the back of the room / / naked gravy / that feeling you get at 3am when being eaten by somebody smaller than yourself /stubble on an African donkey / after stumbling over my fifth corpse I decide it was time to go home to my cartoon house / living in the year  8BC (8) /  the perfumed slaughter house / 1. Goblin-faced children (that guy who lives in a church is tickling my feets) /cocaine baby / adult babies on Channel Five/ ancient lust / aren’t all vaginas edible? / Edible Moses (plastic traffic) / modern lust / why did you feed me candy apples when you know I hate candy apples? / reading the fifth sermon upside down / I took a b+w photo of Mavis Stardust and stapled it to my boyfriend’s curtain (why?) / doctor’s nostrils / spinning around like a wooden-top chimp / beef burgers are good for you /’the infamous elegant degenerate’ is a title of which I am rather fond / curious death of Black Knot /  deep fried in the morning / tales from the bottom of the garden / I crouched down on all fives and contemplated the forthcoming witching hour / Giles Acorn-Barclay and the sand pipers / dentist in the heat wave / Coconut Head Francis and other freaks / bottled hope / butter knuckle syndrome / suffering in the grave / Gothic Barlow / I would like that fat girl over there to come and lend me her fingers /  lunch time stunner / I woke up and found a bug-eyed baby floating above my bed / laughable trousers/ young man’s beard / lost captain / starving on Xmas day /dog hammer / I think it’s perfectly fine to destroy small animals / curtain goose / pencil in the corpse / cuddle corpse / king of the bogey men /  I actually wanted an eyelid in my soup / see-thru beauty / sinister pickles / once I get going I find it hard to avoid landing on a moon / look what Jesus Christ did on the carpet / gorgeous daughter / avoiding white witches in Croydon high street / pampered by a beat-up boxer (when I should really be pampering her) / brain damage is sexy (brain damage turns me on) / leftover brains were slightly damaged  / moon booty / the witches’ knot / the previous 6 years has seen a big increase in the number of robot cowboys / jazz affiliation smack packet / I made love to a girl who strongly resembled Jarvis Cocker from ‘Blur’ / walrus stubble /whatever happened to ‘Michu and the Shapes’? / Harry the bitch is back to stay / ’the dogs have left the theatre’ cried out the dying octogenarian / Wolfish delight / magician with a big elongated wand which he uses for ‘effect’ / the Marshall dandruff damp patch revue /  I waited ‘till you was dead before I painted your eyeballs / magnificent death of Audrey Jones / tubby children riding bikes / I slaughtered everyone in the building, but I left you / a midget in Norfolk eating some home-made biscuits 

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