Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Pob (The Rainwater Years)

'Fragment Head'

'Pob (The Rainwater Years)

'Five Teeth'

'Stubborn Summer'

'Pavements of Darkness (The Slits)'

 Mother inferior was the cliché / performed by adult sex star / who lives in a cave these days? / Sugary black lips (in the library)/ every man who walks past me will know I am son of Harold (dirty E cheese filth filth)  / I’ve seen footage… (dot dot dot) and the machine repeated the word ‘mother’ over and over again / kill in 90s / Hell takes its revenge / world of dogs / punishing yourself at 3am / I never met an infidel who could show me any kind of light / building block sex club/ the Croesus could not help sniggering at motorists with poor cars / pocket A-Z of Christ /return of  hanging Chad  / little baby Hellfire / no mother, I am not son of God  /empty hearted empty headed baby  /grilled at the dog event/ we opened the window to find John the Revelator standing on the front lawn re-arranging the garden furniture / abused by the future / dreaming of a future which does not include lists  /alone with other women’s husbands /Obsessed with the singular vision continuously repeated in my lucid dreams / gaining weight in death camp/ festival of death (welcome to) / stern-faced fatty / Doctor Death will see you now / learning to talk backwards/ Decaying Body Records latest releases:- ‘Pony Triangle’ by ‘Big-Eyed Baby’, ‘Traffic Horse’ by ‘Beware of the Unicorn’, ‘Cuthbert’s Curious Smile’ by ‘Big Baby Octopus’ / fat dudes are something to laugh at / nobody took fatty seriously / they told me I was too fat to jump out of an aeroplane / the man who wrote it was actually of medium build / they encouraged him to suck his thumb to make himself look more vulnerable / ladies boys day out – trip to industrial estate

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