Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Got Wood (?)

'Forgotten Anniversary'

'Got Wood (?)'

'Biggest Baby Ever'

 swollen future / legendary vacuum /modern hand gestures 2 / octopus cock is probably a delicacy in Japan or something / dead astronaut on my front doorstep / £300 for a baby!!! / gosh, it’s time to shave already/ my new girlfriend strongly resembles Ozzy Osborne (in the 80s..eek!) / reggae partition / it’s hard to feel sexy when you’re living out of a car / lads who hate pop culture (Kings of Lebanon) / is it still 1997 around here? / I arrived back in Sweden with some mustard plasters and a cuckoo clock (as a present for Tony the Swede- not his actual name) / I removed the code from the plate of fish ‘n’ chips and replaced it with a rolled up photo of Sid James / beast of the week is Lord Catchpole /  /life, death and rebirth of Wonder Pig / cats had skills / necromancy will never go out of fashion / Welsh toe nails / freedom doesn’t mean anything / disturbed by the cloaked humanoid / Jedi fleece / Muddy Thunder (erupting baby ) / I shave for my bride and my bride alone / melting gods /TV oozed teeming  /the Teenage Jesus and the jerks / I carried off his head into the setting sun / Balearic amputation / amputated head / I looked the killer in the eye, and then I looked him in the other eye (two-eyed killer) /teddy boy’s picnic / your world has been destroyed before, Giles /flaming nostrils / flaming youth (jazz hobo) /   pissed forever / cemetery teeth / JG Ballard taught me to cook / my mum is staring to look like Amy Winehouse (when she was in the jungle)Siamese moustache / pastiche of Da Gods / 2 uncles, one queer, one over 7ft tall / preferable state of mind / the curious case of the bottomless wheelbarrow/  eyes like shut doors / dark times at the Happy House / voodoo spectrum 2 / Super Edward and the garnished corpses / vanishing London (2) / /second-hand fish / justice collective/ Morgan and the addled saints / a dalliance with Korean baby / manipulated baby  /took off my socks and went into the ocean / spitting cobra and a clenched fist painted gold / three eyed killers /please remove the following—‘last of the electric cowboys’ /moonage baby / downstairs beard, upstairs afro / my favourite light bulb / kiosk breeders / enormous freak / enormous face of giant / daydreaming of a life with the Brick babies / / the beautiful dentist / I live with the bummers now /most nights I dream of peanuts / the coconut walrus / I ate my dinner despite being asleep /   I have or have not got beef between my fingers / computers stink bad  after prolonged usage / pissed on the parachute /do you care that Sonic Youth no longer reside on the moon? / I can’t think of what to say when someone tells me their boyfriend has just died of a rare tropical disease which only monkeys can contract /  I’m dining out with men who love to eat crab sandwiches / bite your tongue ‘til lit comes off in your mouth / your toes smell like cigarettes / I took the cigarette from out of the bell-boy’s mouth and told him to got and help Mr Packer with his shit / greasy indoors / I like to get my feet tickled with ostrich feathers etc / /greasy chamber /  we found Yoko Ono cowering in the bottom of our garden / Yoko Ono resides in the shell of an abandoned space shuttle / Mexican ahead warming/  here comes golden bladder / society is a horse (African Francis is my friend) / I’m not the pop star I once was ladies / I spiked your eyelashes (-d) 

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