Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Worms + Words

'Worms + Words'

his gun went off by accident and it killed the mannequin /wet wiping the hobo / booty on a corpse /he polished his eyeballs and then went to try and find a new lady / breakfast hamburger (gabba grief) / parasite jazz /aroused corpse / I spent most of the day admiring your new girlfriend’s chest hairs / I spent the afternoon admiring my new girlfriend’s botchiest /   ‘arroser la vie’ cried out the Count..just before he died/ I spent most of the weekend admiring my new girlfriend’s double-sided head / wizard’s tits / memory of a ghost / topography gets me off /pretty cash / petty gonad settee recycle/ we found Michael Jackson hiding in an underground network of caves / went to bed with ex-members of ‘The Parasitical Three’ / juicy love nest /dead Trevor / sunrise before death /  Wolf Cry and Viva La Trance.  / we joined hands with the dead circus performers /the torture victim is upstairs, writing his memoirs / hope some day he will see, just how much she means to you /    I had sex with the curtains drawn / gravy van / ancient pest / car aloha soul fire / kitchen whippet / Vitim’s kiss / relics of orchestra / skeleton and fish salted orchestra / slut revival / shave the apple – feed deity / granddad’s yawn / combing the forest for pie / we bleached the corpse’s eyeballs before funeral / jazz fur jazz funeral / living with the finger puppets / free jazz eyebrows / charmed by the psycho killer / organised whistling at 3.30am / animals of jazz/ we shoved him onto the back seat and pulled out our tonsils / stomping around the whore house with a bunch of tax receipts in your fist / clairvoyant’s shocked knuckle sandwiches / jerked-off before breakfast / white man in the swimming pool / we sat around, waiting to be caressed and or fondled by big guys / hot worm / deep-fried bullshit / The Abracadabra Wars / I decided to not call my new group ‘ Senseless Pressure’ / we could not find the finger puppet’s pulse/ day out with men who play with puppets (finger) / I threw the ‘Blur’ cassette from the truck and it caused a pile-up / motorhead pulse / motorised pulse / the dandruff thief / Persian dandruff / about to watch my 61st favourite Dime Neuter movie (swab) /swamp movie swamp relics -  having sex in some fog / African position / African pulse / African cattle / ‘Jump Start your Heart’ is my 89th favourite ‘Rom-Com’ / 

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