Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Tom / Pob

'Tom / Pob'

'Lady Bub's Lament'

so much jelly up in my bedsit tonight / favourite flavour of ice cream is .. / 3 cup morning (blind dog night) / morning sex club (butcher’ shoes) / butcher knows best / sitting in my underwear eating chitlin-flavoured potato crisps / slipped out of my inconvenience pants and laid down next to my ex-girlfriend’s mother/blind empire / I believe I told you from day 1 that I was a murderer /  / a list of missing snakes (October-December) / keep your nose to the sky..the shite hawks are-a-comin’ / back on the milk wagon again  / chain gang at 3.3am (1990 was a good yr for the modern kids) /  / I just met Slim Guido for the 9th time! /midnight soliloquist (keep the hooker amused) / amusing dead-eyed hookers at 4.40am /  it’s a fantasy in the flesh (cuckoo bucket) / the lad’s tears running down my rectum / bucket crotch lover (AKA Bargain Bucket lover) / at the end of the day my hands went rusty / left-over beef for the local cop / softa in the strip joint / it is a big advantage to be a gregarious person if you plan a career in bingo-calling / onion buyer co-op / video number three (and now..reintroduicng Daniel Kilt and the Dixie 3) . ..with more thick gravy (they dunk shed skin in their biscuits)/ X-Box flesh / discussing nothing with kids whom stay up ‘till 4.30am playing video games / flesh like stickle bricks / cold-hearted janitor / yummy bastard on the chain gang / it all depends what colour socks you are wearing (green socks stand at edge of precipice with balls out) / tap water or champagne, sir? / tap water drinker in swish NYC bar / /I sit in a tree and I look down at various sluts etc. /the day the time bag oozed / the vast empty landscape reminded us of 18th cent. Homeland / we spilt our blood for a Prince we never really loved (do you know how this feels?) / got  me a basic baby / the colourful spectre / oblong gob / let’s celebrate by putting our lovely clothes on /  / try this ghost cheese / pessimistic bulldozer /  / it was nice to see Matthew the Horse again / gifted yetis (God’s eyeballs) / xx – forgotten cucumber (spoilt cucumber) / butch glands /  / … and the Martians eagerly took photographs to prove they had witnessed it. / we coated the shed in abandoned  human skin (shed skin) / now starting to grow like Atlas Baby / interviewing humans whom shed their skin (for Channel 10 documentary) / shavin’ kebab meat with the  abused doctor / I have always been keen on flagrant abuse of dead animals / sugar-coated cadaver / timeless bandit / my, what an energetic rap  / 1. spunk on a duck / travelling with the spaceman’s assistant. / skinny skeleton  / obese skeleton / his face was about as handsome as an arse / peanut corpse / peewee on the moon / crunchy corpse / nestling under the covers watching a VHS of ‘Touché Turtle’ / I prefer Wasps to Scuds

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