Wednesday, 17 July 2013

RSI Years

'RSI Years'

'Baboon Chases a Spider in my Uncle's Bath Tub'

'You are The Slits (Hans)'


'Yes we spotted the Yeti (Yes we did)'

'Originals The Swedish Film Industry (Disregard everything i just told you). British Museum 2013'

Rumblud (I am not a robot)/ ex-government minister feeding on picnic detritus / Bleeding Tom Mills is pickling carrots with his firstborn/I think we can celebrate the destruction now, boys (Northern List - barstool worms,  necktie telephones,  foot tattoos,  snowmen and smoke;  Austin TX List 01:-  there was only a pillow, a few empty chairs, and the police. / cassette worm records / we slaved over the dream corpse / dreaming of you and a corpse / cricket stump teeth / erection on Xmas day / ..and then the waiter brought out the offal / concrete thumbs / concrete finger nails / half-eaten jazz baby / they were embarrassed by their failure to reach the moon / joy of being young again / report A (14/07/1986) – I am lead to believe that the janitor’s son is dead / idle life of wildlife / Edmond John wraps his head in baking towels / I wrapped the city up like in TATM / three cheats in a wind tunnel / perfumed deformity / cobra’s eyebrows / skinny and deformed (visions)  /he is the latest one to have his head caved in by God / so where is Egg basement? / silent sunburn / I think I just heard a goat passing over a bridge somewhere in New York City/ Norman is gay / flux city blues / not all doctors are nice / men giggling in the background (as surgery is performed) / what attracted you to the unbelievably sexy nurse? / trotting around on a funeral hoss /the day Donald decided he no longer wanted to be a messenger for God / bent in the future / the destructive influence of Bean Baby / gingival rot (in the year 2001) / Devil at Christmas / take off your trousers and vest and relax for a time / paw prints on the moon / chubby relics /  / tosser’s reunion / I took the egg from the egg box and wrapped it in a leather blanket / Tubby Harold and the Juice babies / New York luck /  / Christ is in the back yard / home is where the ghost is / most people refuse to sample the juice, father /  / dumb in the morning / this is me In the smog sucking a lolly-pop /  / chocolate tear / robbed in the morning /  / chocolate tear drop / orotund cake android / I’ve never been a discreet killer / suicidal Johnston / alone amongst the balloon animals / travels with my deformed girlfriend /  / sick vinegar / promising vomit /  / I was stretched out like a rubber beach baby / holy free love / sunrise teeth / the potential death of P Seller / gut mouth Daniel / I shoved you off the end of the pier; and I didn’t cry /  / took a pair of scissors to bed / the jubilant mood was spilt by the commencement of the funeral dirge / I took out my scorpion from his little bronze box and placed him on my lover’s breasts / the day we hanged Chad / business class gypsy /  / I never could tolerate the sight of ginger babies / foghorn beauty / garlic bingo / Kid Corpse and Benny /  / I am not the daughter of God /baby on radar / perverted by pleasure / shoe box on the moon (with some jelly in it)modern pickling techniques /  user’s man (unusually hung) / emotional valediction on Mars / Bombay funk / back together with The Biscuit Babies / Basque baby hangover

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