Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Pinocchio's Oldest Daughter

'Fragmented Head'

'Pinocchio's Oldest Daughter'

'Supermarket Blues'

'Where Are We?'

'Monkey on my Mind'

'Nocturnal Rock'

I munched on a squalid potato as I waited for Zebedee to come home / husbandry in Egypt / temporary hand job / life of an African policeman / and I fell asleep on top of the moon / children with flowers in their eyes /life with Screw-Top Christ / bicycle singing songs / the punk alternative to Betty Bright Trio / summer time shaving /  African swan song / swollen future / modern breakfast / jealous of my uncle’s time line / compose yourself before meeting Queen Ian / perfumed breath of fop / moustaches in the gutter / bloody hands of Wolf-Man / knocked the stuffing out of the arctophile / perfumed moustache of 15th cent. / I have a fondness for bumper ladies / crazed fox - scar t tissue./slip it out for Christmas / postman’s nostrils / give me a hug, Jungle Man / who would have thought the  discovery of a corpse would be considered a  trouvaille? / Satan’s cyst / a baguette is floating around the cafeteria / it was pointless to sign a song to the Deaf Squad / pit of clocks / cinnamon bones (cinema bones) / fragrant clown / flagrant waste of the Crosseur's cash /doesn’t she look nice wearing that chaplet that Rory Jacobson gave her? / clinical Finger Mouse / Finger Robert / melting man boobs / plastic helicopter / we trained the ghost to only haunt nasty people / childish scenario / I prefer excaudate beasts / motivated by pickles / zero tolerance when it comes to violent Wolf Men / living inside the intent (likely 90/ )network of bogeys / ashamed of being half-man half-beast / febrile cheeks of my assistant indicated he had been working sufficiently hard / MCJ apparently stands for ‘Marvellous Caramel Jacket’ / images of Christ projected onto my back bedroom wall / Angel dust of the North / a buttered crust for the emaciated mendicant / no cess for starving mendicant / Christian imagination / the fool who decided he would never need to wear a protective hat ever again / Christian stew / borrowed from the boy with the lobster paws / a dramatic conclusion to the fist fight at the bottom of the street / jealous of Candy Baby / tennis player’s teeth on TV / I am modern. I live in the world yes / we smashed his porcelain cheeks and then peered inquisitively into the holes / facial  clock (tic toc) (4) / revolting memories of disgusting soup kitchen / soup kitten / we spent the week building houses for retired astronauts / I trod on Pacman’s anorak / he reminds me of that guy who considers himself the world’s number one fashion victim/flashing victim / the green substance that we found on the spaceship door made a decent snack /  / courageous beasts of Mars / mismatched nostrils of supposed supermodel / ingesting custard all week long / modern words mean less / gathering of ambulance drivers / breath of the dead /if you  clean your curtains, I will marry you tomorrow/whilst waiting for the ceremony to begin I decided to ask my wife to divorce me / sugared fingernails of Candy Lass / cyborg in the heat wave / stubborn nostrils / we love Foreign George / Siamese put-down / steady on Jesus / I put my Buff Medways cassettes in a box and handed it to my thin teenage cousin /  they said my cousin was the village arse hole / tractor on the moon / Korean buffalo / the modern Christ / a thoroughly modern Christ / arriviste on the fashionable moon / cordless bones / armed teeth / brad and butter holocaust / ginger fingers of Kid Orange / my brother was named Italian person of the year even though he is not Italian / Italian worm / catering for the minger market / slow down, Roy Twiff / hassle dwarf in Düsseldorf / modern memories fading / excerpts from eternity / don’t bother with God / yeah, but it’s easy for you to be’re a chicken farmer / I hurt my foolish pride by banging my head on the window / forgotten log (MU) – went to see Jandek...he started playing before anyone had entered the auditorium (which caused some chagrin amongst the crowd).. he played some perfectly palpable music.. we entered the auditorium and watched from a balcony..we realised Jandek was fat and was wearing awful thrift store-style clothes.. every time Jandek looked towards us he was a blonde lady..he smiled and laughed with a girl playing another instrument (undefined) / perfect shit / Chinese toe nails are brittle / sperm dunk / forgotten hand gestures of the 15th cent. / buttered corpse (CV2) / don’t mind me, I’m just waiting for my girlfriend to have an affair / girls in the ocean / pork nose is coded daddy (AA) / AA battery in the road / Kentucky Junky- are you or are you not my lover / we changed into coveralls before the pop audition / carpet gypsy/ I saw the moon and it reminded me of my new girlfriend / addicted to lasagne tablets/  I might p[hone my mum and tell her my breaths till smells / human moon / I have a strong suspicion that my feet probably smell of luncheon meat / 

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