Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Are Sweet Shops Still Illegal?

'The Evil Nest'

'Are Sweet Shops Still Illegal?'

'Mad as Bacon'

I could not tear myself away from Scooby-Doo’s autobiography / Frank’s revival of ‘Sausage Opera’/taught myself to fear you / anorak-clad beauties are invading my party (chump blister)
Jordan Rubin spent most of his week-end attempting to solve the Biblical Meat conundrum (I never even realised such a conundrum existed) / distraught sausage/tucking into a meat-free sausage with the boring vegans / crying meaty tears / Bleeding Tom Mills AKA The Laughing Gob (formerly known as The Golden Poof) is wondering why he settled into a life of domestic bliss at the relatively young age of 28 / my 6th favourite Goblin Orchestra piece is ‘Birds in the Navy (feat. Irene Duckworth and the Blessed Boys of Hades’) / amended sex positions in the Karma Sutra/ sugar muck / little boy’s fear of the Death Troll (what he read about in that book the mysterious old lady in the street gave to him on Xmas eve in 1993) / Bleeding Tom Mills needs to locate the nearest deodorant salesman right about now/muck rocket / making a right racket on top of the homosexual mountain /listening to Indigo Dungeon’s new one at 4.44 am / Tuesday beards/Bleeding Tom Mills (AKA The Laughing Gob) has invented an elaborate new sexual position (inspired by ‘The Cannon and Ball Show’)..he calls it ‘Tommy’s Dirty Revenge’) / now I am a blood- coated vegetarian/I eagerly anticipate attending my first ‘bring yer own salad’ p[arty / rise of the spastics/bringing up bastard (fathering a bastard) / milk-white yellow fingers / Bleeding Tom Mills (AKA The Laughing Gob) is watching a pornographic picture with his wife (‘Dancing Jackie and the Purple-Headed Doomed Cowboys of Sex) / Day 1 – I tripped over my wife’s long white tail, split my head open and my wife lapped up my spilt blood (with a look of glee on her face) /Iranian toe doctor (troll doctor) /doctor’s fingers (wanking off to ‘Masterchef Ireland’ on a cold Sunday morning in Cambridgeshire) / that last finger cuckoo was the end of days rap and roll DJ Feather String remix /   mountain ghost (listen carefully, baby.. do not look directly into the Mountain Ghost’s  eyes) /New World babe’s eggs/peace-loving native Americans versus bellicose armed cowboys / tight skirt politics/the Numb Beatles / the Superdrug Six / thank you for being you, and  not me / Kim Piece day 3  report- today I photo-copied 501 photographs of Trevor McDonald and stuck them u pall over the drop0in-centre to cheer up the heroin addicts

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