Wednesday, 17 July 2013

? Human Hands

'? Human Hands'

modern bones/ fall through the floor blues / big John was my friend, but not my lover/twisted like Mr Allan Joseph Keypunch / happy Daniel (dogs of the cabbage farm) /illustrated guide to being a killer / kingdom of slaughtered beasts / I have a strong love for librarian’s eyelids / caught me a big sack of dead birds on my inaugural summer field trip /natant monkeys do not exist / Caribbean cold sores /  the day they set his caput on fire (it was a good trick) / there are an awful lot of Scousers in here today / I cannot believe ‘Tessa’s Secret Vegan Pact’ never won an Academy Ward/  the fish net academy / head-butt Meg / my favourite goose / runny nose  blues (training manual blues) / horse on the front lawn (council estate horses) / I secreted organic juice all over my girlfriend’s feet / challenging daydream (kids) / borrowed bleeper baby / as far as I am concerned, most of these girls are ugly / did Christ really have a centre-parting? / why do you always take your shoes off in bed? / admiring the butcher’s fat fingers (one finger is missing) / Saturday Daddy / Kremlin goblin (‘goblins of the Kremlin’ ) / the pessimistic rats /Ticklish Richard / master on my lawn /  mum, was it really necessary to pour holy water on the drum kit? / mum in the band / Pacman’s fingers / rusty rat helmet / a heterosexual version of Stephen McFry / butcher’s lode / virgin berth / modern itchy moustaches/taking photos of  irascible  dogs in the street / favourite fainting shadow / milk memory / king of the Shadow Dogs / shuddering thumbs/average white girl sitting on my lap / I saw your wife delivering some hot potatoes to the clergyman / oh great, it’s an on-line biscuit barrel / looking for dead kittens/fear of mirth / dead boy was the astronaut/the cannibals have congregated down by the river (pencil-thin floppy ears) / Dutch Poldark and the lively lesbians/swapped my ‘Nervous Gender’ cassette for a huge bag of plastic nails / /chef  in the cess pit / hand me that meat voucher / I dished out the owl meat to the starving West Indians / life without fruit (milk shadow) / I often dream of a life without buildings/I took out my vade mecum to get an idea of how far it might be to the holy (AKA promised) land / I lost my Hildegard Von Bingen cassette on the way home from the Christmas Parade/down on the corner of the boulevard with Iggy and Steve / making lovely candles from the wax we scraped off the tortoise / hanging out with the non-believers/ atheist’s breakfast / clammy hands of scoundrel / surreal drawings by the IS/ perfumed teeth / wore my mum’s ha in the morning / salad flag / surreal paintings make me happy / I am now the office watch dog / photos of UFOs laid out for the sceptics to glare at / biblical calumny / let’s get off our rocking horse tits/fashionable smiles of the nearly-dead / feverish smile/appellation for a dead dog / frozen futures/ / I dipped my thumbs in the bath tub ./she buried her shoes in the back garden / sugar –coated corpses (o) /  childish glare/ eating vegetarian food with men called Harri / larger lads at back of crowd/ growing fish/I have a ‘thing’ for dumpy supermodels /famous first words/  large girls of Shoeburyness are sitting in my flat watching the TV set /I was finally allowed to enter the chamber (as I had donned my most best corduroy pantaloons) /me and Johann Hari are off out to pick up some shore-leave babes / touch me on my moustache and I go crazy like a lunatic / sugar on my finger tip (bitch)/eating lunch with  denigrated scholars of Oxford/my grandmother had a strong penchant for matelots on shore leave / dunked in the old soup/stripped my clothes off in full view of the body fascist/ Emperor Jonathan was a friend and ex-lover of Suzie Shoe/ bury your shoes in the bachelor’s garden (which is over-grown and has weeds and scrap metal in it)/ personalised Jesus (part 2)/the dogs of Shoeburyness/ that Sat-on feeling/flat seconds / the man with the  curly hair and a straight beard / the present finger/ sausages over Moscow/greasy echo / pessimistic sunrise 

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