Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Kitten's Lisp

'Kitten's Lisp'

'Beans in my Bath Tub'

'JZE Secrets'



'Your New Reason?'

'Lost for Words and Salt'

/ circus teeth  / no, I am NOT a robot..OK?? / I am his mother’s pram (covered in the Turin Shroud) /hid behind the relic / getting wet clinic / imprisoned in a wax coffin / rotting cadaver is  very efficient apositic / death of Bejewelled Trevor / we waved at the gorilla from the space shuttle window / going dark in 1999 /  gentleman’s garnish / eyeball ghost (Chinese stock market) / cover my head in candy floss and take a photo of me  /Nico made heroin fashionable all over again / Barking like a banshee / date with village pig / idol’s fingers / perfumed corpse / I am the boy who forgot to bring his own mushrooms/ stolen corpse / we counted over 87 teeth today / we photo-shopped the picture of the Last Supper / superior being in my bedroom / he scoured the novel for a reference to his mother’s e-boyfriend / I went and sol all of my exhumed bodies to the local council / his haircut was bordering on the ridiculous/ I would like to show you my new French haircut / Kid Congo walking around Amsterdam at 3.46am / asthmatic kitten / I don’t use the internet for this (sad relic) / this is the room where I keep the hair cuttings that Madonna gave me in the 90s / Persian shrug/ secret sofa (I am Deco Baal) / it was industrial, but it was no accident / the accidental death of harry Echo / the torture chamber was filled with nervous laughter / hospital buffalo / the horse that you knew so well / shimmy up flag pole, dad  /loose rats for sale / I didn’t ever cut my hair in 1988 / this is me in the rainbow /  / the day we laid down on the factory floor and refused to work / Hurricane Barry damage log has been amended to include the dame done to the House of Usher / damaged fangs / slept for a time in Usher’s bedsit/  i didn’t expect Holy Rodger to make a reference to the dead astronaut/  I wouldn’t rust a girl who had milk-white teeth /I know it’s made of cardboard..but I still find it frightening / king of sausage fingers / / I though that milk was yellow / single man’s burden / scratch psychology complications log (carefully-organized adventure)/milk white shadows / I played baseball with the love rats / milk-white teeth always make me nervous / we painted the baby gold to make him more appellant to the space aliens (we wanted to trade the baby for knowledge of the outer reaches of the universe) / the milky way is always the best way (Milky Dog and Michael go home for a bit- to check on the Finger Puppets) / maybe they should have called it ‘Bastards of New York’  /coloured teeth (fishnet stockings on a really ugly drab) /I kept Madonna’s hair clippings in a box marked ‘Madonna Hair Clippings’ / remarkable boys climbing up trees really rapidly / lipstick on a corpse / my friend the burger van driver / pounding the bongo drum in an attempt to wake up the dead folks / cadaver washed up on the beach where all the movie stars and that go / Tim Strange and Billy Stines invite you to come and spend some time with a group of men who reek of stale beer / pudding basin chop suit haircut (leopard’s finger print) / her pockets were laden with the gold teeth which she had removed from the dead gangster rappers / her shoulders are the most prominent part of her body / golden Philip at the piano / People in the sky with wings / the day Randy stopped using curse words/ curse the moon that abandoned your family /  I have a thoroughly modern secretary, but I still insist she wears high heels and fish net stockings to work / I smacked you in the teeth because you were grinning at my mother / dubious fashion sense of a man born in 1883 / this world we live in is not the same one that Jules Verne lived in..discuss (go on). /Siamese toe nails / a man sitting in a room which is completely devoid of furniture. He is smoking a cigarette and watching a TV which is actually tuned off / dog in the hospital / the blind man was getting wolf-whistled by a teenage actor / Siamese patterns (I am the Prince of Mars)

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