Wednesday, 17 July 2013

SM Arm

'SM Arm'

refurbish your face, Queen Mary/oh mamma, my head too big for my hat / I got chopped up as I am pig / I am pig but you are hoss. / a plenitude of skeleton bones  leisure boots / did duck hunting change the world? /Christian pimp/ learning to be a toy boy from the internet /  the world looked different when I swapped my glasses for shades /Malcolm looks a bit like Shaun (yo yo heat engine) / ornery kids of Sasquatch High / skeleton biscuit / king of the Jacksons/ he removed his baseball cap to reveal a tin head / so abused—the memories of alley whore (with missing thumb) / joyful probation / I brought you some biscuits and you gave me a beautiful smile/ MI Jogs -  smiles of my daughters /   we decided to rename Kramer 'Fuse Head’ / Fuse Head has nearly all his or her teeth / the kid with the wooden proboscis lives with the fishes now / now everybody knows the shit I’ve seen / dildo haemorrhage  amused at the giocoso show / we named ourselves after that family that shot up the bank in the 00s / the black future /who shaved my beard off in the night? / gay people of the presidion / coping without Christ / the Christ Ladder  /I painted my bicycle before commencing breakfast / men who study other men’s peculiar activities from afar/I painted my toe nails to make me look more heterosexual / brains are a rare commodity in this neck of the jungle

'Chewy and Barwick'

'K2 Christopher'

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