Monday, 29 July 2013


'The End'

 teacher’s horse / what happened to blistered chicken? / summer bullets/  contour shapes / pub rock hair implants / kinky infauna / ecstatic pipe /ill Ayden’s over-boiled army / Spaniel Candy / Dutch rubber / fold-up corpse / dinner-time pipes / sorting out the ducks from other birds (are ducks actually birds?) / can ducks fly? / I was refused admittance to the duck hunt because of my failure tow ear the correct hat (with flaps covering the ears) / pickled obstacles/the floating gob / property of Kid Oracle (in paisley pyjama suit) ./ do penguins have chins? / Memories of a smashed-up tortoise/please return stolen birds to their owners / king of being gay /peach tree in my bathroom / sucked on a modern problem over  anachronistic dinner/

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