Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Fish 'n' Tits

'Dick Truck Law'

'Sharper than a San Sebastian Morning'

;What in Deuce's Name is My Girlfriend Doing Tonight?'

'Pillbox Cat Rasta Cambridge 1313'
'Rockabilly Lesbians (Cambridge 20134)

'Piny the Lesbian'

'Shho Le Scazzer'

'New Pal'

'Egyptian Twist'

Pre AM'

'Morning Kiss'

'Fish 'n' Tits'

'Who Invented Plinny Adams'

'Golden TV Reformation'

we purloined the offensive curtains and replaced them with even more offensive ones/  the day I drew the curtain on you (wife)/I have three potential titles for my third LP..'Damaged Man’, ‘Salt and Milk’ or ‘Dangerous Haircut’ / I prefer to smoke my cigarettes indoors, thank you / men called Frank have arrived on the moon, clutching effigies of their long-dead wives and girlfriends /  the fresh moon arrivals should be stripped naked and showered with very very hot water / butch cowboy stole my boyfriend from under my nose/ judo dog blues:- eleven bags of  trash left out in the silver train (caught my mother barking like a dog at the dancing cowboys – my sister is now part of the local lesbian dance troupe) / /cardboard dream / the chaos eggs / milky vacation / we should never have stopped loving Floyd/internal teeth / changed my name to Tony Slander/I woke up to find alligator crap all over my car bonnet (yes I do sleep in my car) / the day they hanged Charlotte Webb for no ‘good’ reason /waving goodbye to people called ‘David’ / the TV has three dead eyes / where have all he bastards gone? /dancing to vegan hip hop with the mythical sand king - vegan oracle (mixing eggs with some deliciously mysterious green substance which I scraped off the bottom of the crashed spaceship) / stupid people on the moon/ I only fancied you when you wore a leather coat/Elizabethan breakfast / the cuckoo that couldn’t say ‘no’ to fresh helminth/one of these years I’m gonna take back my crown from the self-satisfied king /the leaking trumpet spilt milk all over my wife’s upper body / talking about the difficulty of finding a nice girl in this evil town (beaver chops) / 7 types of death ./ cantankerous baby/I got my hair cut before meeting up with Spooky Johnny ./ NYC is a bit of meat for me to eat/part-time bastard/ drawing sketches of the birds of space station/posh baby in Parisian crèche / humming along to the fascist dirge/ automatic husband / I was Bowie’s choice of a new husband for  his gorgeous ex-wife(the kings are so sexy) / Dame’s moustache- white people are dead/I sit on an uncomfortable chair drinking gin ‘n’ milk /remember the past – babies with rubber limbs and small boxes stuffed with fake fudge / he stuffed dried beef jerky into his dungaree pockets, then headed off for the Big Field/sat up all night with biscuit-nibbling baby / packed by an Arab/caramelised haircut / caramel shoe / my new girlfriend looks like Doris Day in the year 2020 /the collection tin is going round for the assaulted cowboys  /abandoned skin graft hotline / I quoted a passage from J Lennon’s ‘Spaniard in the Works’ for the 6-7 year olds (the passage I chose is as follows..please read the following in a Scouse accent for maximum effect.. ‘I bought myself a new pullover yesterday. Today I’m wearing it. do you like it? no? well, screw you lad.. I like it and I’m gonna wear it every blinkin’ day from now on Jack..yeah, and here’s another thing.. I hate your face. It reminds me of an old rotten dog turd in the streets of Kenny..and you know what? You smell like a witches’ vagina. You scum-sucking piece of filth you’ /Freudian Jasper / hot from the clinic. / you should open only your heart to Dracula/ counting up to100 or so  with Holy Bobby / admiring a millionaire’s teeth (from afar, of course) / hurry back home with the knock-off meat:- bingo caller’s bath time / tubby children on the moon/ brought together by death and destruction /  / categorizing junk on a Friday afternoon / police stations at Christmas / ugly puzzle / it’s just me and the meat locker from now on / girls in the mud bath /gorgeous trench/ I took off my trousers and laid down in the shit stream. /  / modern wretch / finally, I feel comfortable wearing  a mask in public  / / the teacher took off his postiche to reveal a full head of bronze hair /irritating ditch / I traded a basket of spring for a bag of sparrows /  your gorgeous summer eyelids / making more of an effort in the toilet / / abandoned mattress on the surface of the moon / hand sandwich../ I took you out and killed you slowly / cling trading glue for honey / pink grotto / we traded foetuses for jam / the Doberman blues/ lobster stuck in traffic / beautiful corpse / gilberation is quite common amongst our faction / the man who wouldn’t eat steaks before midnight / rancid jubilation./ I eat my packed lunch and dream of Morello the ghost/ i ate my lunch (after taking it out of the shoe box that I always keep it in) / I guess half a horse is better than nothing /chatting about girls and stuff with the drunk PE teacher / I met my future wife at the primitive puppet show / coloured eyeballs (dried books)kitchenette arm pits / the girl with the strawberry-coloured nostrils tickled my chin /hot girls of abandoned network /  wait for me next to the stuffed lion (no, not that stuffed lion…..) / I have always admired the pea –shaped head of Johnny Marrow / no cowboys on the moon (anymore) Trevor McDonald is sexy. / life with salad dogs/  I am an ancient liar / umbrella jazz (Godzilla’s stinking fingers) / does you eat fish, Little Man? / kingdom of whispering lads / soul of a dead man floating around the coffee house /pathetic soup / King Sexy/religious coma (happy crunch) / I have always preferred Wednesdays to Tuesdays / the inaugural performance of ‘Doom Kid and the Bozos’ was met with general apathy and indifference / modern legend in 1983 / fallen moustache (droop). / I have always loved chav towns better / killed by  king of the river  / hello my name is Barry Black and my wife is a minger..but I do not care  /upset by the fall of the modern hob goblin /now I will show you the recovered bean babies / she kisses my blister/ naked faces / cauliflower soup always makes me fee bad /   / loser’s revolution / caged handkerchief /   /vulgar garden for ladies / dropping eyes in the ocean / receiving life threats / have a cake, eat it and then spew up /  / Byzantine Baby / I am sure that this will end in 1988 (baby navy) / fetid baby / I heard rumours that the ultimate drug was coming to the States / KK – foundation of fools – I know I shouldn’t hate you, but I do / legendary baby / vegan hiatus / open your mouth and let me see those teeth that I have been hearing so much about / disturbed by joy / Ethiopian triangle / pit of arms / surrendered legs / slut bomb / Sgt peter and the awful crows / indifferent requite/ appease yourself at 3.44am / Dutch lobotomy / it’s been a while since I had an on-line chat with the Cheeseburger King /peace-time death squad /  / Dracula ate the sperm / shall we have sex now, Jethro Tull? / ghetto blister / my pal the foreign correspondent /  /  if we are going to practice some zoolatory, we need to borrow that monkey/  careful with the kidney / the day I received a tug job from a chimpanzee / severe wank / your turn to muck out the kids / a list of some ugly babies that I saw today / we taught the dead to dance properly / muriform wall is not actually made of bricks..actually / today my cheeks are melting / modern spastic/ you and my ghost / there is a distinct lack of beautiful building son the moon / elliptical memories volumes 1 through 17 / reconciled my mind before tummy ripple / I swallowed my diary / I put my dreams on hold and went and saved the Tree babies / planet of cysts / I smashed myself in the face for a change / rubber China man / I refused the offer of a shave / Carmen’s motion part 03 / I piled up all my furniture on top of my head / sick of the dog race. / Memories of virginity / ..when I was a virgin (I was happy) / mongoloid partition / disturbed people in anoraks hanging around farm yards / hairy masterpiece / I’ve never seen a frog marc / blind man’s blister/rotten ideas. / I escaped before midnight . / exchanging fools for dead cats / spunge banquet / only idiots spend lots of time on the computer / I fell under the influence of long-dormant technology / I repose on a funky couch in the middle of the floor (and nobody pays me the slightest bit of attention) / the day the bible finally went out of print /  pints of breast milk / no it’s true.. I do dance by myself / cold –hearted villagers / turtle in my lap / female sugar (only) / I was content to sit around and contemplate what the boy had shown me earlier / go easy on Jethro Tull..he hasn’t had a hit in 15 years / destiny is made-up  /spring-loaded baby / walking with your eyes open

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